Warm and dry place - June to November

I have been doing Southeast Asia during June to November for 11 years. Rainy, Typhoons - is wild - still warm but ya - getting older so not as into that. Where can go is warm and dry - not super hot like Vegas but warm and has to be DRY. Good Internet and affordable. Ty

It’s a bit of a cliché, but isn’t Bali/most of Indonesia relatively dry in the summer?
Another obvious choice would be Europe. Eastern European capitals are mostly dry in the summer with some rainy days/storms, but not a crazy amount. And they are affordable. Not sure about other capitals, but Budapest has nice fall weather up until November, where it turns depressing and moody.

Slightly more expensive is Portugal, but it’s a very pleasant place. Although I guess because summer is peak season, accommodation is definitely pricier and harder to come by.

Ty for that! I had no idea about Indonesia - kind of looking for longer stay as I think October gets wet there but I can check. Spain has always been on my list but again yes - Europe is high season. As is North America for the most part. Ty eh!

You could try the balkans (Dubrovnik, Belgrade, Ohrid, etc.). They’ll get you dry and warm at an affordable price. Spain too indeed is amazing but maybe on the more expensive side.

come to Ibadan, Nigeria … you’ll get $3,000 /yr apartment & be a king in a peaceful, cool & urban city… kinda like Nigeria’s pretoria … on the other hand SA is also absolutely stunning, wonder y many dont go there…