We're organizing a Nomad House in Bali! Sign up here

@atu can you reply? :smiley:

The Bali house is still live, you can apply on https://nomadhouse.io. @Philippe I’m trying to have a bigger house in Canggu.

The last great news is about listing your space on Nomad House.

Any chance we could catch a room under 5 mill ? We would book something ASAP for July, don’t want to get stuck in the upper season market :smiley:

Thanks !

This sounds amazing, brilliant idea! I will have a look at the site - I’m planning on moving to Bali in Sep!

For sure! Canggu is a great place for a Nomad House, especiall now that the coworking space Salty Volt has opened again!

Any updates on the Canggu house situation?
I’m looking to get an active DN community going properly when I return in September, organise events, workshops, talks, lunches/dinners etc Also get more people from the Dynamit Circle down.
Interested to cooperate?
Since Salty Volt is open again, Canggu is a badass location for DNs…

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We’re trying to organise diners and are willing to cook. Not much response now through FB but Luke from Salty Volt offers to spread the event onsite :smile:

@Conni - are you planning to be there during the winter? Was thinking about coming in November / December, but may wait until March due to rainy season.

@Philippe Good idea, would be great if ongoing regular events would take place slowly!!

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@Casey_Rosengren Yes, I am coming back to Bali early September to stick around for the winter or longer! Rainy season is not so bad in Canggu I found. I lived in Ubu earlier this year during rainy season and it was pretty bad there, but it’s not that crazy by the sea actually!