We're starting a coworking and coliving space in India. Can you help us validate it?

We are starting a co-working and co-living space (something like hubud) in Dharamshala, India; I would like to ask couple of questions to validate the concept:-

  1. Would you consider living in India for a while?

  2. We will be charging around 500 USD, which will cover everything including food,laundry,basic bed room and a beautiful working space. How willing are you to pay this amount?

  3. Have any advice for us? Do share.

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  1. Yes, maybe
  2. Is this per month or per week?
  3. Put up a website with more information (especially location!) and start building an email list of people that are interested. Once you have enough people interested get prebooking and start!
  1. Thanks
  2. It is per month. Is this amount reasonable?
  3. Please share your email address :smiley:

Hey Anugrah, that sounds great! I think I would be very interested in coming there.

Do you have any time estimates on when the project would be completed, if you were to go on and started making it happen?

Thanks @onioneye.
We are trying our best to start it ASAP.I also would like to ask that how important is community size for you? (We are planning to keep it around 20 people maximum)

To be honest, I am very new to coworking and coliving spaces, so I am not exactly sure. However, I’ve been randomly travelling for a few years now, and from a traveller’s perspective, I can say that I enjoy smaller places and “tighter” groups of people much more. I guess it makes the whole atmosphere feel much more homely to me that way.

Hope this helps.

Hey! I’ve been a semi-nomad (Chicago, Calcutta) these last few years, and have worked from random hotels in Dharamsala a couple of times.

That price could be high, could be low, or could be perfect; it’d depend on how nice and rooms and facilities are. If you’ve got some stunning photos of a unique workspace (bean bags, standing desks, people traveling with their dogs?) …stuff you wouldn’t normally see in a hotel, you could sell at that price.

I’m divided on including food. Dharamsala has amazing food available, and it tends to be pretty reasonable. Food is a very important part of travel for me, so I’d usually prefer to be on my own for food, so I can walk around and explore places I’d like. On the other hand, some nomads might prefer more of an all-included experience, for the convenience.

Your challenge will be differentiation. Dharamsala is full of cheap (and expensive) backpacker hangouts, coffee shops, wifi, and great food. What’s the difference in experience between a reasonable room + meals / coffee / workspace at a coffee shop vs. a coworking space?

Keep us updated on your plans. I’m very interested in this myself.


Hey Anuragh that sounds very interesting to me. To answer your queries…

  1. Yes absolutely! India has a lot to offer but I think what is most important is access to culture while maintaining a clean, beautiful, and safe working/living space.

  2. As mentioned earlier, this depends on what is being offered as well as the accommodations. Generally speaking, it is within the budget for most of us nomads.

  3. Website! Pictures and info (of the digs, the setting, and yourselves)! Mailing list!

Looking forward :slight_smile:

Hey Anugrah,

This is awesome. I am digital nomads travelling in India since past 6 months, currently in Bangalore, will be Goa for some time and was considering Dharmshala after it, by mid-April or so.

Would love to know if your place is ready, or if you can recommend me something.

Cheers! // @Anugrah_Sharma

Hey Anurag,

Any progress on this? I’m looking for a coworking/coliving space in India and this looks like a good option for me.


@Anugrah: Post our call earlier this week, hijacking this thread to seek validation -

Founder’s Paradise — a proposed co-living space in Koramangala, Bengaluru, India.

What if you never had to end your conversation because you have to go home?
What if you had a second chance at living a dorm life with amazing housemates?
What if you found a home in a city you have just landed in?

Accelerate your growth. Understand a city faster. Bond with people, not just exchange business cards.

Help us validate this concept:

  1. Will you be willing to pay around USD 400/ INR 25,000 per month and share the room with one more person? If you are a female, you’ll get a female room mate.
  2. This would include all amenities: high-speed Internet connection, fully stocked kitchen, purified drinking water, basic furnishings — beds and mattresses, wardrobes, geyser, fridge, TV, washing machine.
  3. Bonus: A library with books on startups & entrepreneurs + board games + weekly dinners + weekly film screenings/ guest talks.
  4. Duration of stay can be anywhere from 2–6 months.

A co-working/co-living space in Dharamshala sounds awesome. I’d have to say I agree with @Dave_Chakrabarti regarding food. It becomes a liability and adds more work for you. 500 USD is pretty high for India, will the rooms be shared or dedicated?

Are there fast internet connections available in Dharamshala? What’s the maximum speed?

I’m currently living on Koh Lanta where there is a co-working space with dedicated apartments close-by.
They offer different levels of package : co-work only/ co-work + apartment + 2 meals a day. In addition they organise communal lunches and day drips to other small islands/ evening barbecues etc.
This number of options is really good as it means that you can choose what level of involvment you want.
I live offsite and go to the co-working space around 2 weeks per month and go to events when I feel like it.
Overall I recommend this kind of thing as an easy way to slot into a place and a community without having to sign-up to too much obligation. If I had taken the all inclusive package I think I would have been suffocated by not being able to get some space from others when needed. Different people have different priorities and level of professional commitment, so these options are really good for that.

Their site is pretty good and gives a good reflection of what is going on there:

I would definitely be interested in something similar India. It seems to be really underserved as a destination for nomads.

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