What 13" Windows Ultrabook has the best screen to work in the sunshine?

I want to buy a light (1,2kg) ultrabook with full day batterylife and with good anti-glare screen brightness and contrast that allows me to work at the sunny beach on a terrace or in the shadow under a parasol. If you have experience with this setting, please help me choose the right model.
I am considering Lenovo Thinkpad X1 carbon but read in reviews that the brightness and contrast is disappointing, is that true? Others Recommend Dell XPS 13 because it would have better brightness and contrast. Both are expensive between 1.500 and 2.000 €, so i was also considering the cheaper Toshiba Portégé Z30-A-12N at 800 €.
Do you have experince with one of those models? or do you have a better suggestion for a 13" windows ultrabook?

Consider the Asus Zenbook UX305, it has a matte fullHD IPS screen:

Not a suitable processor though for the heavy work (eg video-editing)

Thanks, the asus zenbook description looks great. Do you have experience if its contrast and brightness are ok in sunlight?
I have been told that is even more important than screen resolution

I’d say go for a MacBook, they’re a bit shiny but work fine in shade.

hi levelsio, you mean with any macbook display or only the latest retina versions?

Any. They’re mostly the same screens. Air’s have a more matte screen I think.

TLDR; I’d recommend checking out the reviews at www.notebookcheck.net They were spot on when I bought my last machine and I’d definitely check their reviews again when picking its replacement.

I have an Asus UX32VD with the 1080P IPS display and would definitely recommend anything that is considered an improvement on it. It is the most sunlight readable laptop I’ve encountered (not that I’ve seen that many taken out in the sun). The screen remains one of the most crisp and readable I’ve encountered as well. Downside is that the battery life is not what I’d consider “full day” unless you tweak the settings quite a bit.

Mine is a bit old now but a brilliant machine (with a few quirks). At the time I got it 3 years ago a sunlight readable 1080P screen was a must. It was also the only laptop I could find that was portable, could be outfitted with 10 gig of ram and you could pop out the regular hard drive for an SSD. (it was the only machine of the day that had the ability to be outfitted like this outside of massive portable gaming rigs)

It has performed very well as a development powerhouse, able to run multiple screens (HDMI + mini-vga output) when I’m in an office environment while easy enough to unplug and throw in my bag and light enough to be barely noticeable. Especially compared to my wife’s beast of a macbook pro (the old 13 inch with a dvd drive). I was considering the retina macbook pro at the time but I wasn’t as wowed by the screen as I’d hoped to be nor did I want to spend an absolute fortune to have a powerful machine.

This review was one that proved very accurate and comprehensive and convinced me to go with it.

I would highly recommend checking out the “display” portion of that review as well as their comments regarding outdoor use. I would hope their other reviews are as comprehensive and it can hopefully be a guide for comparing other laptops that could meet your requirements.