What about incorporating a company in Gibraltar?

Gibraltar is known to be home of companies for online websites related to gaming and gambling.
I wonder why there are few people talking about this option as income not derived from Gibraltar are tax-free. Furthermore, it is outside of the EU vat zone.

Are there issues related to this jurisdiction?

I had a company there until recently. Like most tax havens its increasing its transparency and declaring accounts to EU member states. At the end of the day its about permenant establishement and tax residency. If you are in another european country you are seen as owning the gib company from there and so your host country will want to tax you on it.

Gibraltar has signed many TIEA - Tax Information Exchange agreement with many European countries. They provide information to tax authorities upon request & they bill the other country for it.

In Europe, the best for sure, to be a fiscal resident live in a country with a Flat rate for incoming tax like Czech republic, Hungary or Bulgaria. For instance, in Czech Republic you pay 15% on dividends from a foreign country whatever the country where the dividends come from.

Transferring money from anywhere to anywhere in Europe without paying income tax is not impossible but i was referring to paying 0% corporate tax and living in another country of Europe where you would pay income tax.

I think you were right to leave Gibraltar. In fact, Gibraltar should leave EU because there are a Gibraltar territory. However, Gibraltar government and companies benefit from being part of the EU without getting the disadvantage of the EU (it is out of EU Vat zone and people invest because there is less taxes). If they want to be part of the EU just like Malta, they will have to raise more taxes.

For instance, incorporating the online business in Gibraltar and living in Spain.

I live in Spain. I enjoyed having my Company formed in Gibraltar. However, there is a risk that Spain will declare that the companies permanent establishement is where I live in Spain. You dont want to get into that. The ease of no vat, being part of the UK BACS system and no corp tax was great. But I still pay a fortune in Spanish income tax. I tried to find expert advice on how to setup our online business for tax purposes and could not find it. I even paid for advice but it was conflicting and every solution put forward had question marks over it. It really annoys me. Now we just pay a lot of tax until I find another way. Not prepared to move to another country just now to only save on tax. Final comment on the Gib company, you still pay income tax as you have said and you still have the problem of how to extract the Gib companies profits without getting hammered for tax. Its all very well building up a nice pot …but if you cant get it out.

I might re-consider HEPPS but would have to live in Gibraltar. There’s also a gib residency status called ‘self sufficiency’ but i cannot find out much about it, doubt we could qualify… http://theaddressmagazine.com/issue-20/gibraltar-residency/

It is possible to live in Malta as a fiscal resident but it is far away from everything for 0% on income tax. Moving is always complicated.

For corporate tax purposes, apart from Gibraltar, in Europe, it is very very difficult: -Jersey is overpriced and the registered agents aren’t as serious as in Gibraltar. -Isle of man is in the EU VAT tax zone. -In Guernesey i haven’t been able to find serious registered agents.

Have you considered Estonia with the e-Residency? I know many DN’s running an Estonian company remotely with e-Residency.

Yes i have considered E-residency and it was a MESS.

check my full story here:

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