What age did you start out as a DN?

Eager to find out what age most start out as a DN? (Me)… 27 and just started out in the last 6 months or so. Not presently 100% location independent, probably more like 90% as still required to visit the office from time to time :slight_smile:

52 - I am now 65 and still visit from 40 to 70 cities a year


Technically in 2016, a month shy of turning 42, started on a project just before having to leave on a trip overseas around my birthday and got my first taste of working remotely. This summer, I sold/stored everything, left town, and almost 3 years later to the day, I’m into my 2nd month of being “homeless”, and a DN for the foreseeable future.

I started ~27, about a year after graduating uni with a Master’s. As you see, I’ve never really been in a rush :smiley:

Best think you can do I think is decouple your behavior, lifestyle and expectations from your age. The most interesting people I know are doing whatever they want at whatever age.

There’s a couple on here whose kid (also on here) started nomading at 20, then they got inspired, made their lawyer business fully remote, sold their house, and have been perpetually traveling since then. They’re in their 50s/60s I think.

I know people who are in their 70s who are building an RV now to travel through Europe.

So it really doesn’t matter. I know the society expectations you might feel bound to, but I’d say lose that as fast as you can and do what you want.


23, but yeah as @levelsio says, age doesn’t matter, not even what society says!

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Just started at 26
Still figuring it out.

I’ve started at 24, 6 months ago along with my girlfriend (27).

Started at 25, after 3 years of full time job :slight_smile: