What are good alternatives to Google Voice?


I change SIM cards constantly and trend to lose them, is there a service that would give me a phone number with a phone number I can use for receiving SMS. I have seen Skype Number and Nomad SMS (too expensive, I’m looking for <20€/year) and Fongo (only allows receiving SMS from US and Canada).

I would rather have an European phone number, but other country is OK too.

I don’t care if they email the SMS, forward it or they have their own app.

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Have you tried using Twilio? You can get multiple phone numbers and forward all incoming sms and calls to your cell phone. It’s very cheap and works very well. Using a compatible app (OpenVBX for example), you can also make calls and send sms using your Twilio number.

I tried to use it yesterday, using Twilio+Zapier+Pushbullet, but didn’t seem to receive the SMS I sent yesterday, I’ll try again today. Just wondering if there was something already done and not something you need to assemble yourself :smile:

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Twilio works well, but personally I prefer Plivo (a little cheaper, and with better coverage of countries – at least the countries I need). You would need to code a simple app to do whatever you want to achieve however.