What are good cafe's and restaurants to work on Phra-Ae beach, Ko Lanta?

I tried Kohub, but enjoy more spending some time in various bars and restaurants with view on the beach and serving fruit shakes, or even lunch. Do you know any place like that with good wifi?

I spent nearly 5 months on Lanta and started a editable Google Document of cafes with wifi and coffee. It should give you everything you need. Feel free to add to it!


Awesome! Thanks for sharing your list, thetwopct!
I tried one place that was good, this morning: “Moonwalk”.
And now I’m in a restaurant next to Moloko, in relax bay. I love the spot and their food, but unfortunately my wifi connexion is really bad so far.
I will add it those two to your list!

PS: Don’t you like using apps like WHA (work hard anywhere) ? If so, I would love to know what makes you prefer maintaining your own spreadsheet. Thx

I started the list as I like things my way and I wanted a way to track things that may not be listed anywhere. As I was making the list anyway, its simple to share it for others if its useful.

I find WHA and similar work space finders pretty unreliable outside of the US/Cities. I was using Foursquare for a bit, but the search is pretty weak (for instance “I want a space with AC” I can find on my list in seconds, not on FS, and on Lanta in April, I needed that!).

I also done a list for Koh Samui - http://bit.ly/samuiWiFi - and I’m currently doing one for Chiang Mai, as although there are lots of guides to cafes, theres not many full of the details that I look for…

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