What are good countries in Latin America for dental work?


My wife and I are bicycle touring from the USA to Patagonia and for the second time on this trip my lousy teeth have come around to bite me in the ass (pun intended, obv). It’s not as bad as the previous time, just a chipped crown, so it can wait a bit, so I’d like to know if anyone has any recommendations for Latin American countries that are good places to get dental work done from a price vs. quality/cleanliness standpoint. If you know any specific outstanding dentist somewhere, that would be great too!

Mexico is a great place for dental work and I got a tooth rebuilt there for a good price, but now I’m in El Salvador and heading south, so Mexico is off the table.

Thanks for your input.

I’m Guatemalan and dental care there is good and cheap, and you don’t need social security or anything, you just show up. In Antigua, especially, there are dentists that speak English so it’s easier for travelers and expats. You can find good professional dentists with great equipment and everything. My dentist is great, but she’s in Guatemala City.

I imagine El Salvador must be very similar. I would look up nearby dentist offices and give them a call!

Good luck :slight_smile:

I had a lot of dental work done in Costa Rica for a very low price. The dentist I went to was probably not the best, but it’s been two years and my fillings have held up.

Costa Rica is a known “medical tourism” location and a ton of people from the USA and Canada fly down specifically for dental work. The cost is low and the dentists are trained in the US often times.

Funny, I was also in El Salvador when I decided to go back to Costa for dental work.

Also, another great thing is if you contact some dentists ahead of time, there’s a good chance you can go in as soon as you get into country and have what you need done on the first visit, maybe the second, depending on what’s involved.

The main city, San Jose, is where I had mine done.

Hope that helps!


Cool, thanks for the info. I was thinking about Costa Rice because we’ll be staying with a friend in San Jose for a bit and could probably spend a bit more time if needed, but I’m also wondering about Colombia.

I agree with @ryanleonard1989

CR has a great dental and medical tourism industry. Panama is also good for that.