What are good places to work from and stay in Valencia?

Hey all, my first post in the forum :slight_smile:

I’m currently in Benidorm escaping the crappy UK winter, and while I like it here (I’m in a quiet, “Spanish” part of Benidorm - yes, quiet parts do exist!) and I’m fortunate enough to only have to pay for bills as I’m staying in a friends apartment (hence the choice of location).

It’s full of old people or Brits coming out to get blind drunk.

I’m thinking of heading up to Valencia for about a week and wondered if anyone on here has been and can recommend places to stay and to work from? I’ve done a bit of googling myself and seen a few cool places, but wanted to get a nomads perspective :slight_smile:

haha I almost the EXACT similar experience. Staying with friends in Torrevieja, but now in Valencia for a week. I guess you’re not there anymore?

Jump over to Ibiza if you’d like. Got a room, if ya’ll traveling through…

Ah I actually arrived back to the UK from Spain yesterday :frowning: I ventured to Alicante and Valencia while I was there, only for weekends though so wasn’t working, Valencia is such an awesome city though I wish I could have stayed longer. Have a good time dude :slight_smile:

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thanks for the offer man, but staying in Valencia til xmas!

no worries… just being friendly. it’s pretty cool there. i’m a bigger fan of barcelona, though, i wont lie