What are good places to work in Goa, India?

I mean,

  • where will I have higher chances of meeting other nomads?
  • good internet facilities (at least good 3G coverage)
  • an inexpensive co-working place would also be appreciated
  • as less touristic attractions as possible (in the hope to avoid crowds and to save some money)

First hand experience, as I moved there last January. Goa, is among THE WORST places for a nomad to be. I stayed in Arambol (the more hippie area), in a hut on the Arabian Sea. Reliable WiFi was a nightmare. Even checking email on your phone could take minutes and minutes to load, if at all.

Internet Cafe’ spaces had frequent power outages, not to mention extremely hot and wild dogs running by in the background barking. In the Internet Cafe’s it was common courtesy if you were using a laptop to sit an a chair hunched over, leaving the actual PC workstations for others. Restaurants, were very unreliable. Some days I’d arrive at off peak times of day, then the owners would see I’m the only one left and close an hour or two early…poof there goes the wifi.

If you were to checkout more developed areas of Goa, like Candolim you may have better WiFi luck, but then it’s super touristy and unoriginal.

I didn’t meet any other nomads in our sense, just backpackers, travelers and those without 2 Rupees to rub together. Oh, and I paid $500/mo for the hut, but you could go cheaper…

Too bad I’ve already bought the tickets and planned everything around being two months in India… Is 3G really that bad? What mobile network operator were you using?

And, btw, $500 for a hut… It’s very sad to hear. I thought it would be cheaper for a better accomodation (we would need our own kitchen for instance) :confused:

Are there any suggestions not too far from Goa?

Meeting other nomads might be a long shot. I don’t know how many people choose Goa as their preferred destination.

Reliable internet should not be incredibly hard to come by. If you can forego the ‘beach front’ life you might be able to get an apartment with a dedicated adsl line, that should work out ok.

Where are you flying through and when do you arrive?

I have two tickets: one to Delhi and another one from Delhi to Goa. Arriving to Goa on Nov 29. Most probably, heading to Mandrem (as I’ve heard it’s child-friendly place). Though, I’ve opened this topic to learn about other locations.

I stayed in Goa for 1 month, 2 months ago. My place was Colva beach and I did enjoy it. The wifi in my apartment didn’t work really well but 3G worked and was fast enough (Vodafone).

I was using Vodafone and yes, even loading Gmail was a problem. As others have said if you avoid being beachfront, you may get a more refined experience, but it’s not a nomad destination. Go to Goa to unplug, party, do some writing and hit the beach. I went as a first stop for the drumming and psytrance parties. Trying to get work done was just fighting an uphill battle. Look forward to hearing your adventures. Season is just getting started there now.

Ok. What is the nearest “retreat” in case I find it really hard to work in Goa? I can see there are few towns there (like Panaji). Is it any different there?

3G in India its actually not that bad at all, if you have 3G coverage. I stayed in some rather remote places and managed to get decent speed rates, sufficient for Skype calls. Also it is inexpensive and often faster then Wifi.

Getting a Sim-Card
can be quite annoying and time-consuming. I never got one in Goa though. Usually you need to fill out forms and give a foto. In India, always have some spare (passport) photos, you probably need them. Indian take their forms very seriously. Requirements always change and might be different depending on the carriers and depending on the state and the political situation.

In Kolkata for example you need to give the number and home adress of a friend, which they will call before activation, in order to verify your details. You need to go to a service centre, fill out forms etc etc. In some States (Mumbai some years ago) you can just buy it in the local shop. 3 years ago in Karnataka it was impossible to get a card activated, it took me several weeks to get a working sim. As you see its a matter of time, so be prepared.

I always use Airtel and Vodafone simultanously and I strongly recommend you do the same. Airtel is the best for Data covrage in the places I go, but it can be a hussle to get the sim. Vodafone is easier to get, but the coverage is not always so great. Both have good and inexpensive Datapacks you can recharge almost everywhere. In Goa you should be fine with both.

Data Pack:
VERY important is to take a picture of the datapacks they are selling in the state/city for the carrier you purchase. For example you buy your sim in Mumbai where a 10GB pack for Airtel might cost 352Rupee. Now you go to Kerala were the same pack has a different price, lets say 354Rupee. However to recharge the 10GB pack for your sim, you must recharge exactly the amount from the state you purchased it in, so 352Rupee. If you dont now it, good luck, the Shop-Walla won t know neither (internet might help though). Very complicated, but welcome to India. Before they even had roaming costs when you change the state and some might still do, but it does not apply to data packages as far as I know.

A very good advice is to set your phone (I suppose you will create a Wifi-Hotspot) so that it only uses the 4G/3G Network. Last year in some places phones would rather switch to 2G, even if there was a 3G signal. I don t know why though.

Goa: I have never stayed in Goa, not my cup of tea. But I have heard from quite a few it is possible to rent whole houses in the backside of the beach, and that must be really nice. Goa is very touristy and has after Keralla probably the highest standard for tourist (whatever that means in India). If you want some advice for other places, send me a PM.

And I forgot, but those often saved my (professional) life:

  • get a large battery for your laptop and/or one to exchange.
  • get a multiplug and an extension cable (although that should be standard for anyone who travels and work)

And it is better to get those before you go to India, because … well… its india.

This is the most stupid hassle in India, took me 4 days to get a working sim card. They even called to my hotel to confirm my stay and room number. Checking in an AirBnB requires a form, a copy of passport & visa, and a photo too. Checking in a hotel in Delhi for 1 night for a transit required a form to be filled, had to provide with where I would go to, proof of tickets, totally bullshiesh. Go to India and they will log your everything.

Yes, unfortunately in India ‘The terrorists have won’ and the regular joe is buried under mounds of useless paperwork. Its just cheap to hire people to go through all those papers, cheaper than coming up with better systems or security. Also, it’s nice because you can dilute responsibility so if the ‘terrorists’ get a phone, there are at least 100 different people responsible for that.

Hey guys,

I am not sure why no one in this post found any coworking space. I found a couple of those. I would totally recommend Coworking Goa, due to the following reasons -

  • The owner Kevin is a chilled out & helpful guy.
  • They have a 4 Mbps fiber internet connection which is pretty stable.
  • The place is really airy & well ventilated, as they have huge windows all around. They have air conditioners as well.
  • They are centrally located in Panjim with plenty of dine-out options nearby.
  • They have a decent kitchen if you’d like to cook.
  • They have a conference room & a projector if you are into meetings :stuck_out_tongue:
  • Best reason - they are pet-friendly.

Before choosing Coworking Goa, we visited Design Valley by Mozaic, which we found out to be lacking in all of the above.

Any questions are more than welcome.

Thanks for reading!
Shreyans & Srishti

Hey there, the Goa Coworking space in Vision Park in Panjim is actually CLOSED. Not door signs, none of the neighbors know what’s going on. Nothing. No idea who put that post up, but I went there on a Monday morning! and noboday was there. Was more than disappointed. Nobody answes the phone number either. Hope that helps some people avoid that place. Regards, Philipp

I’m heading to Goa for the first 2 weeks of Feb if anyone wants to meet up! Staying in Anjuna. I heard that the biryani restaurant in Anjuna has great wifi, was planning to check it out.

The Coworking Goa seems a bit expensive for india as well.

@Philip_Bitnik: I am not sure why Kevin didn’t pick up your phone. They were closed from 23rd December to 2nd Jan for the holidays. I hope you didnt go in that period.

Well, if you would still like to check it out, you can give me a call, and I can ask Kevin (the owner) to call you.

My no. is +91-9711110007

Ok. I’m almost 2 months in Goa already, here’s my experience:

  1. Mobile internet was what I relied on (as I knew landlines were quite rare thing here). It failed almost completely. Where I live, the signal reaches only my wife’s phone (she has iDea SIM, btw), and only when the phone is staying on window’s frame =) It is often that we have cellular signal, but no actual internet.

  2. There are lots of cafes with free Internet, however. It’s not very good (you would probably not download big (100+ MB) file, unless using bittorrent-like protocol and video-skyping is quite poor), but I work mostly with emails/sites, so it “workable”. Recommend choosing a darker (shadower) cafe, because the sun can easily render your laptop’s screen useless :wink:

I myself is in Arambol till the end of February. Anyone who wants to meet-up, please drop me a message in Skype: v.mityukov