What are some good places to work from in Sofia, Bulgaria?


What are some good places to work from in Sofia, Bulgaria?

Looking for the standard things:

Good height tables
Good internet
Comfortably large/not jampacked
Good wifi/plug sockets
Good food/coffee
Decent atmosphere
Friendly staff

and so on


Sofia doesn’t have a ton of laptop-type cafes, but a great exception is Barista Coffee and More. The Greenwich bookstore/ cafe on Vitosha is also not bad. And if you like arty tea houses, two great places are Tea House on ul. Georgi Benkovski (a bit pricey but cozy atmosphere, some people on laptops, good food) and Veda House, which has a great Indian vibe and veg food – you can sit on cushions on the floor or at tables.

There are coffee shops beyond this on Vitosha, and a couple of Costa Coffee cafes that are fine for a little working but the above were my favorites.

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Thanks for the reply!

Beyond those, looks like there’s some kind of coworking space around the corner from fabrika daga and searching on foursquare found several promising cafes I’ll check out this week. I’ll be sure to post here with what I’ve liked after I’ve had time to get to know the city a bit, too.

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