What are some good Spanish language learning resources?

Hey all,

I am planning to move over to South America next year, and in preparation I want to start learning Spanish.

I have started working with Duolingo, but would love to hear some advice from others in the community as to resources (apps, podcasts etc) that will help with this? Does anyone else have any suggestion as to what worked for you?

I am under no illusion that an app or podcast will probably not make me speak the language particularly well, but it will at least place me in a better position than if I made no effort to learn the language.

Once I am between native speakers and have more opportunity to practice I am sure I will improve a lot, but for now I am looking into getting a bit of a jumpstart.

Thanks :smile:

A few things that I use:

Another thing I have is a Kindle with a Spanish dictionary and Spanish language books, it’s a great way to read since any unknown words can be instantly looked up.

Note: Apart from the Spanish Dict website, none of the above links are Spanish specific.


Thanks for all those links :slight_smile:

As a guy from Pennsylvania, USA who didn’t know Spanish prior, I lived as a foreign exchange student in Chile for a year, then in Spain for another half year. I can tell you for sure your Spanish will skyrocket once your forced to converse. In fact, I found the hardest thing was to stop people from wanting to practice their English skills with you!

But my suggestion is to get Spanish kids books. Like ones for 4 and 5 year olds. Ones with big print and illustrations. Then have a Spanish dictionary right next to you. Read everything aloud and look up the words you don’t know. You’ll be amazed at how well this works.

Good luck!

Thanks for the tips on the kids books. Now is difficult to get hold of ones, but I will pick up a few once I get over there.

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Memrise is the next step after Duolingo has taught you basic grammar and you want to regularly improve your vocab.

XPLingo was just launched the other day as a new way to learn Spanish. It’s a RPG in which you follow a story around Barcelona. Give it a go. There’s a free beta right now.

Italki is great for organising formal/informal lessons or just language exchange. You just need to start speaking. I’m learning French and took myself to France 3 months ago. The only thing that really works is to start speaking. But I had learned basic grammar before I went. All the online polyglots say just speak, whatever your level.

Looks like a cool game. Downloaded it and will check it out… thanks

I learned Spanish in Guatemala. You can get 4 hours a day of 1 on 1 instruction, plus stay with a family with meals for around $80 a week, though those prices might have changed.

Check out Antigua, Guatemala and Quetzaltenango, Guatemala for places that have a lot of Spanish students and are inexpensive to stay. I went from zero to conversational in a month.

I can tell you my top 3:

-vocabla -> This app is also for free and I like it to learn lists of vocabulary. It works with visual cards and grammar test. For me, the best in this case is that you can add your own words and addapt the app to your real learning. You know, others online platform only allow you follow its method. But it does not work vey well, it has a lot of technical problems. I am looking for another app similiar to these but I have not found it yet.
->Memrise-> I am currently using it to improve my English and it is very similar to Duolingo.
-> Other online platforms. -> There is a spanish course barcelona that also provides online lessons with your own personal teacher.