What are the best AirBnB houses you've been in Europe?

At the moment I’m scouting AirBnB for a good place to stay for september. Which houses have you been & can you recommend? I’m looking at all kinds of locations.

Thanks in advance!

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It’s interesting that no one replied yet. It would be really great to see a list of airbnb places with reviews of real nomad travellers – you can find some by searching the forums of course, or perhaps on the slack (not a member, can’t tell). However, seems like no one has commented in 6d – perhaps topic too general. Hard to tell

As for me, I don’t spend much time in Europe so can’t tell.


I’ve been in a range of places in Europe and in most cases I’ve concluded that if I return then I want to stay in a different apartment. Not because I had any bad experiences or because I am super picky - but as you start to learn a new place, you figure out which neighbourhoods you prefer. For that reason I often spend some hours looking into different AirBnB offerings in case I return.

Anyway I have one recommendation for Seville where I stayed this winter:

Really nice appartment with a coworking space around the corner. If I were to return to Seville, I would go for that place again.

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This is the best AriBNB house I’ve rented so far, it’s in Tenerife. around 760€/m

  • 4 minutes from beach, several of them.
  • Very nice WIFI (really, this is the hardest feature for me to find).
  • Close to everything I need.
  • There are a couple of nice international co-working spaces in the town.


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Thanks for the replies & tips: I will most certainly check them out!

I think it would be a great idea to make a masterlist of awesome AirBnB-places: seems like most nomads could use it right?

As for me: I’ve booked a place in Madrid, Spain (this place: https://www.airbnb.nl/rooms/659430). Will let you know how it was when I leave there.