What are the best coworking spaces in Chiang Mai (Thailand)?

As simple as that. I’m going to start working on my startup as a digital nomad in January, and Chiang Mai is one of the places where I am going to stay. At present, what are the best coworking spaces here? Any suggestions?

Hi @Spacer

Checkout this “Office of the Day: Chiang Mai” vlogs by Chris the Freelancer :slight_smile:

PunSpace (with its two branches in Nimman as well as Tha Pae Gate in the Old City) is probably the most popular option. Their spaces are exceptionally nice, and their prices are just a bit higher than others — but that’s because they can afford to do that. It’s probably the single best choice if you’re looking for a space where you can socialize with other expat digital nomads, there are always people around. 24-hour access is something they offer members, I believe.

Main con with PunSpace is that the locations are hardly ideal unless you have a bike. The “Nimman” branch isn’t even really in Nimman, it’s on the far southeast section outside of Nimman so from my place on Nimman Soi 2 it would’ve been a 20+ minute walk. I didn’t ever live in the Old City, so I couldn’t gauge if the Tha Pae Gate location was particularly bad.

Another great option is CAMP. Free coworking space in Maya mall, gorgeous design, great cafe with alright prices, open 24 hours, amazing place in general. Main con: no fixed desks, and Thai students hang out there all the time, often leaving their bags to book spots for hours on end — if you come in the mornings you’ll tend to get a good spot, though.

The Thai immigration chief has just announced a crackdown on foreigners conducting business while on tourist visas. Chiangmai has a history of raiding co-working places and making arrests. Better be careful.

+1 On Punspace being “the best”, I prefer the Tha Pae Gate location now… not so happy that the cafes and restaurant next to the old Nimman location were replaced… but there are still a few good places for lunch (Anchan Noodles) and coffee (too many to list)…

The Brick is a brand new coworking space obnoxiously located about 100m from PunSpace Nimman… it’s free the first month (just like Punspace was when it first opened). It’s backed by the government/university so I’m guessing it’ll be cheaper and mostly Thais (unlike Punspace which is 99% non-Thai). I’ve yet to figure out why Hubba (BKK) is reasonably 50/50 Thai/Non-Thai but Punspace is so heavily non-thai.

There are others. CAMP (at Maya… think lots of Thai teenagers studying) and a couple others that are small and IMHO inferior to Punspace in comfort, reliability, community and just about every other metric I’d measure a coworking space by.