What are the best coworking spaces in London?

Does anybody know great locations (coffeeshops, libraries, parks…) to work in London? I would like to work with other digital nomads too.

Thank you.

Check out this one mate http://90mainyard.co.uk/

I know of a few… Look Mum No Hands, Flat White and Brick Lane Coffee are good spots for solid coffee and WiFi. In Central London near Soho you can always find a quieter Pret or Nero Coffee which despite not being the greatest places to be in, they always have fairly decent WiFi and will never complain about the fact that you simply ordered an espresso and stayed for 4 hours :stuck_out_tongue:

The Timberyard is also a very popular choice, although I’ve never been there myself. As for libraries, the British Library and the one near Canada Water are good ones to work at.


I had been at The Timberyard yesterday around 3pm. It’s a good place with plenty of tables to work and outlets through the whole space. Thank you for the other coffees. I will try it.

It’s tru about Pret, Nero or even Starbucks. The will never complain about it. Once I was in an Starbucks near Clapham Common and there was a 6 place table with a company running there. It’s funny.

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I worked at UK Starbucks for 4+ years.

You can even reserve tables for meetings/interviews, just call them up and let them know. :smiley:

(Obviously, you should buy drinks!)


Try Google campus, it’s located in Shoreditch and it’s open between 9:00 and 17:50h. You can register online and work in the Cafe area. It could be great for networking because everybody work in start-ups.

Hi Marta. Thank you. I’m already registered at Google Campus and had been there twice the last week.

It’s an absolutely great place to be just because everybody there work for startups. It’s not a noisy place and always there was chair to seat down and start to work.

Last few times I was in London I worked at Timberyard. Plenty of outlets and their tea presentation is top notch! Only problem is you might have to loiter around until a nice window seat opens up.

london.ziferblat.net @Shoreditch

http://www.huskcoffee.com/ @Limehouse

This came at a perfect time, thanks guys.

Hatch by Homerton station is really nice too. You can either work in the cafe or pay £12 for your own desk for the day and then you get 50% off food an drink. You can do a free trial day to start. http://www.hatch-homerton.co.uk/

Thank you all. I will try this places as you said. All of them looks great.

After working from some places mentioned here, I decided to start a new instagram account to track where I went to work and had a decent coffee. What you guys think about? Is is a good initiative?


Please, let me know your first impressions. Thanks.