What are the best/non-tourist places in Malaysia in Jan?

I’m planning on travelling from Australia to the UK in Jan. I booked flights with a stopover in Malaysia for 2 weeks planning on going to Penang for that but wasn’t thinking that it’ll be peak tourist season!

Since I hate being in busy places, I am now reconsidering and wondered if there was anywhere with decent working spaces/cafes/accommodation that won’t be too overcrowded. The alternative is to just hang out in KL. I’ve been there a few times and wanted to try somewhere new but maybe holing up and having a work “bootcamp” for the two weeks might be a better idea :slight_smile:

So you’re looking for less crowded activities in Malaysia and work places in KL. I’ve been staying in KL for 1 year now, but didn’t travel too much inside Malaysia. Work places won’t be a problem in KL. Many cafes and some co-working spaces. Regarding activities, there are some good outdoor activities, if you want to avoid towns like Penang and Malacca.

  • Cameron Highlands: at 1500m, nice and cool, some self-guided hiking and strawberry farms
  • Fraser Hills: smaller than CH and harder to reach but some good hiking around.
  • National Park: not visited yet, but you take a boat, stay in the park and visit the indigenous people.
  • Sabah: Shared with Indonesia, abundant rainforest.
  • KL: there is a park (FRIM) and some mountains (Tabur East/West) just 1h off the city center)
  • Islands along East coast, e.g. Tioman, didn’t go yet.
  • Langkawi

Hope this helps. It’s a bit biased towards outdoor activities.

Thanks. I was thinking about Cameron Highlands. Does that get the same tourist hit that places like Penang do or is the tourist thing more concentrated on beach areas?