What are the co-working spaces in Split, Croatia?

Hi all,

I am looking for a co-working space in Split, Crotia. There used to a couple of places listed on nomadlist.io but since the recent update they are not there anymore. Does somebody have a place they can recommend me ? I am staying there for 1 month (august).

Thank you :slight_smile:


I am sorry that this is not a reply, but just a greeting.
I am a nomadic traveling from Finland to Turkey(maybe) in this summer.
I will visit Croatia in this travel.
If you find a good place to work, please share with me!

Hey Toshi when are you in Split ? Maybe we can grab a beer together. I will be there from August 3 to September 3.

I am planning everyday about where and when to go as next place.
Starting from Helsinki, I am staying in Warsaw now, heading to south.
so I may visit Croatia in August. If so, then I will contact you again here.

Hi @emondpph, I just spent three weeks there and worked from home, but my favorite bar/cafe there was Marcvs Marvlvs which had a great connection (10-11Mbps). It’s a cozy little bar-cum-library, and the owner is an Argentinian-Croatian poet (though he’s only there on evenings). I imagine it would be a great place to work from during the day if you need somewhere shady and cool.

Hope that helps :smile:

@Juan I second Marcvs Marvlvs, I was there a couple months ago and worked from there when my internet at home was down. Lots of outlets, and seating. The owner Tin is a nice guy!

Many thanks ! I will definitely drop by that cafe.

I was there for a few weeks and couldn’t find one : (

There is one called Amo!sfera

Thanks Ewajoan !

Here is link: https://www.sharedesk.net/spaces/view/3940/amo-sfera/

Many cafes in Split have wifi but are not always equipped well for work. They have outdoor seating, with small and wobbly tables and no electrical sockets…

When I was a student in Split, we’d go to study in Lvxor on Peristyle (but not in summer!!!). They have nice large tables, free wifi, quiet atmosphere and coffee is a decent price. :smile:

Another place like that, for non-summer time, is Bajamonti on Prokurative (Trg Republike).

Marcvs Marvlvs is good, hidden from most tourists but it’s very small!

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I’ll be there for a month or so from September. I’ll definitely be referring back to this :slight_smile:


I am managing the coworking space Amo!sfera Coworking in Split, Croatia.
This is our facebook page: www.facebook.com/coworkingamosfera?fref=ts
Thanks @emondpph for sharing the sharedesk link!

We are located 2 km east from the city center in second city center, sort of a downtown, right next to University campus.

One of the great things about Split is all the different caffe bars you can find and work from there. My personal favorites are Bajamonti in city center and Mythos on the seaside. But I would recommend trying out these as well: Dvor, Žbirac, F-Marine, Le Mond and Split Caffe.

If you have any questions regarding working, coworking, networking, living and traveling to Split, don’t hesitate to ask me.

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@emondpph, what have you learned about coworking in Split since you have arrived? It will be a real bummer if I have to choose between staying in my apt and a noisy cafe.

Hey Miquel. I would definitely recommend Amo!sfera. I am there right now, it is great. You just have to get used to take the bus from city center to Split 3, but it’s a short ride and there are many bus.

In Amosfera now, it reminds me a lot of Hubba in 2013, just before the nomad explosion happened in Thailand.

It has a lot of potential and I think we’ll see lots of remote workers here in the next few years.

Here’s pics I made:


Here is another picture with the sunset. Are you there this week Peter ? I will be at Amosfera tomorrow. Leaving Split this saturday.


Bit of an old thread, but if anyone is looking for a co-working space now, one just opened up in the Meje area, which I found also has the best nature walks in Split (forest, beaches). It is Coworking Split, and I worked there, so can vouch for it being a bright, modern space – intimate, but plenty of room to work and meet. The owners are super friendly and welcoming. http://www.coworkingsplit.com/

CoWorking Split Facebook page shows Permanently Closed

Yeah they closed up shop and left Split a few months ago.