What are the coworking spaces in Zadar, Croatia?

Hi all!
Does anybody know of any coworking space in Zadar, Croatia? (Or just some calm place with (free) WiFi to work from?)

Thank you :wink:

Hello, there is one: http://www.coinzadar.hr

Thank you, Tomislav, but I think it is still not open. About a month ago I got a message from them, that β€œCOIN will be open to public in October. We have some issues with construction works what will prolong the opening.”

Hey Lukas,
if Split is not too far for you, you can try out our Amosfera Coworking space.

Thank you, Tomislav,
but I know the Amosfera (or CEDRA currently) quite well. I was there in July during my stay in Split. And I think that coworking is very pleasant :slight_smile:

Oh?! Then we have just missed each other! I was away for 2 weeks. I am glad you liked it!
Well, good luck with your work! Maybe see you again in Amosfera!

The sapce is open now.

I’m in it right now. Very nice space with great office furniture.