What are the essential apps for digital nomads?

-Dashlane (passwords)
-CloudMagic/Mailbox (email)
-Producteev (todo lists)
-Quicklytics (google analytics)
-Ookla Speedtest
-Domainr (instant domain search)
-TeamViewer (remote access)
-Paypal/Venmo/Cash/Dwolla (paying people money)
-Paid (stripe stats)

-TripAdvisor (restaurants and activities)
-Kindle (books)
-Ulmon PRO/Maps.me (offline maps)
-Agoda (hotels)
-Skyscanner (flights)
-Hashtagnomads (nomad slack chat)
-SoundHound (tells you the name of a song playing)
-Lonely Planet PDFs
-HappyCow (veggie restaurants)
-FB Messenger
-Snapseed (photo editor)

-Insight Timer (meditation)
-Chakra App by Subliminal Affirmations (falling asleep)
-Thunderspace (HD thunderstorms)
-SleepStream2 (relaxing sounds)

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I love using Stripe for accepting payments online. You can also accept bitcoin, too.

Workfrom is great or those who work from coffee shops. Workfrom has recommendations for a number of major cities to help you find your next favorite place to work remotely.

Horizon for accommodations. It’s like a Couchsurfing/Airbnb within your own trusted network.

RelayRides if you are in the US in a major city where RelayRides is available, you’ll quickly learn that there is no need for a car when you have a service like this. It’s basically Airbnb for cars.

Reviving a slightly stale thread here, but if you’re a freelancer and working with US-based companies, Shake is a fantastic legal documents app. You can create and sign contracts, NDAs, etc. They have a bunch of templates that take only a few minutes to fill out, you sign it, email it to your client, they sign it, and then you each get a PDF. Their mobile app is awesome too — you can do everything from your phone, and their contracts are legally binding (at least in the US).

When I’m checking out my next destination, I use Net Index Explorer to get an idea if the internet speeds are ~on average~ acceptable: http://explorer.netindex.com/maps

http://www.waygoapp.com has been useful in Taiwan. Using your phone camera, it instantly translates text into English. And it works offline. It translates Chinese, Japanese & Korean on iPhone and Android - though I only have experience with Chinese on the iPhone app so far. Gonna try it out in Japan next week.

My most used apps are:

  • Facebook
  • Google Maps
  • Uber
  • Grab Taxi
  • AirBnB
  • Couchsurfing
  • Google Translate
  • XE Currency
  • AirAsia
  • Meetup
  • Speedtest
  • Trip Case
  • SwiftKey
  • Threema
  • Paypal
  • Flightradar24


A newbie nomad here and glad to join and get informed. A question:

As I work with my clients, one aspect that has been painful is seeking approvals from them. Any time I need an approval - a document/vacation/software purchase , that the client would pay for, tracking their approvals via email has been a pain. Any tools other nomads use here?

Thank you for the suggestions, in advance.


Not mentioned yet:
####Work related

  • Paymo – for time tracking
  • Dash – for offline documentation.
  • NVAlt + Dropbox for synchronised note taking.
  • BT Sync – for syncing my work folder with a RaspberryPi based NAS – I use this so I don’t have to buy extra Dropbox space.
  • Opera with Turbo Mode on or Chrome with Data Saver in times of mobile tethering, to save on data costs.

####Travel related

  • TripIt – I forward the plane ticket confirmation emails to [email protected] and I get all the info on my phone (so I don’t need to search my email what time the plane leaves)