What are the most popular cities for digital nomads?

I’m in the process of planning my real start in digital nomad life, and I wanted to check out how many nomads were in various cities I’m interested in. I feel like it’d be easier to go somewhere that has a good DN community. Before from the main nomadlist site you could turn it into a list view and see how many nomads there were in each city, but I’m not seeing that now.

Also, to get in touch with people wherever you go, do you just make a post on the forum here? Go in the slack chat?

This site is one of the best options for what you’re looking for. If you head to the city page on Nomadlist it’ll show the number of people in the corresponding slack channel and the number of people who have it planned on Nomadtrips.

Example below for Chiang Mai.


Aside from here, your second best bet is Facebook. Just search the city name along with ‘digital nomad’ and you should find a community or two.

Here you go:


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Thanks guys! Exactly what I wanted!

The Find a Nomad app should show you where people are at the moment.