What are the nomad hotspots in Eastern Europe (outside Schengen)?

I agree with you, but they apparently don’t see it that way:

Where did you get the information about Romania already enforcing Schengen rules? Someone else on FB tried to say the same about Croatia. To me, either you’re in or out of the Schengen zone. I really hope to not get hassled but plan to print that article above just in case.

I’ll be really interested to see how schengen impacts tourism in places like Romania and Croatia, because I know most people when limited to three months aren’t choosing Croatia or Romania over France and Italy.

Just added this based on this thread:

If you go to https://nomadlist.com, click MORE FILTERS then click Europe and Non-Schengen, it’ll show you ~60 cities you can go to.


Skopje Macedonia is great value for money (probably best in east europe) and good internet speed. Worth a look.

I did not know about Skopje. Looks very nice. I might stop there later in the autumn.

News update: it looks like Romania has given up its hopes of entering Schengen this year… or the next. This is a big change of tone from just a few weeks ago when they sounded quite confident that they’d be in by the end of 2015.


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Looking at non-Schengen options again, debating between Cyprus and Kiev, Ukraine for May/ June. Can anyone vouch for Internet in Cyprus and recommend areas?

Ukraine has a travel warning active but I’m assuming Kiev is still OK.

Thanks in advance for any help.

Meant to throw Georgia in there as an option too, if anyone has been and can vouch – I’ve heard really good things about it.

For the Ukraine, I would choose Lviv over Kiev. I was there a few months ago, it was fine. The fighting is far away.

Ukraine is very good in May and it’s very cheap now for those with $ (consider Kyiv for some old churches and spring blossoms and Lviv for tasty food, old city and castles and perhaps Carpathians couple of hours away, there’s an express train right now between Kyiv and Lviv that takes ~5 hrs). It’s overall safe, fighting is in the east but it’s not very active right now anyway, in other cities just avoid demonstrations if they come about. There are cheap flights between Larnaca and Kiev Zhulyany on Wizzair so you can easily go to/from Cyprus but I know that Cyprus becomes very hot in summer.

If you need more information or a guided tour, let me know, Kyiv is my home base : ) Ah, btw, Georgia is super good as well. Mountains are beautiful, people are very friendly. Perhaps you will have time for all those destinations : )

Thank you for that info, @borowis ! I don’t know if I’ll time for Ukraine, Georgia and Cyprus, but maybe. I have to admit a bias for Cyprus first because of the draw of the relaxing Med. Wondering about wifi there though – looks mediocre according to Nomadlist. Posts on experiences with that appreciated.

All right, I have a colleague who spent a winter there, I think in Limassol but I can ask him for more info if you want me to, but for us 5 Mbps is more than enough, so I don’t know if anything better is available.
Another thing I can advice is to check sites like http://opensignal.com/ for 4G coverage and speed stats, as well as prepaid-data-sim-card.wikia.com/wiki/Cyprus for rates. Ah, actually seems like their mobile data is pretty expensive : )

Sure, that would be great. 5 Mbps sounds a bit risky for Skype… any info appreciated. :slight_smile:

So, I asked him. District : Larnaca, downtown. There’s slow wifi in many cafes. 3g is 2-3 down, 1 up, 4g is better but he lived out of the signal zone. Prepaid mobile internet super expensive, but one can buy modem and postpaid package. In the end he bought fiber channel for himself which took 3 weeks to arrange and gave him 20 Mbps down/ 2 up, provider cablenet for 32 euros a month. So, your best bet is to find an apartment with fiber link or ask them to arrange it for you.

We’ll soon be starting up a nomad community in Sombor, Serbia, just on the border with Hungary. And we’ll have partnerships with other regional spaces, so you might find it interesting. See here: www.fabrika.org.rs/coworking/

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Great, thanks so much for the suggestions, @borowis and @Serge.

@borowis @suuzin

I was in Cyprus in January of last year. Wasn’t working when I was there, and I’m glad I wasn’t, because internet was abysmal. Every place claimed to have wifi, and, admittedly, I booked places based on location and price, not wifi, but nowhere I stayed had reasonable wifi at all. As in I struggled to check email from my phone, but didn’t bring my laptop to have checked that.
+1, though for internet in major Ukrainian cities-I’ve only had great experiences there.

Yeah, as I said, getting fiber seems the way to go in Cyprus. But it will take some time

Thanks for the input! I’ll definitely keep it all in mind.

Well, Schengen brings open borders and tax-free trade.
Meaning when I’m traveling from Croatia to UK I need only ID card and not passport anymore, there is no border if you go with car to Italy/Austria, just drive trough.
For example before I can buy something in Italy/Austria only up to 150Eur / person, all above I need to go to customs, pay tax etc, or I’m smuggler if I don’t do.
If my company buys something in Austria, i don’t need to pay VAT in my country.
There is no 3 months limit anymore for me to stay in any EU country, I can stay there as long as I like, and depending on country I can apply for any job just like i’m local, I don’t need a special invitation, proof or other tons of paper.

That’s what’s all about.
Right now, there are some more border controls because of immigrants, and bomb attacks around the Europe.