What are the options for mobile internet in Phuket, Thailand?


I will be traveling in Thailand from november to december and would like to know which internet option I should choose. I need to use internet for writing and research and also 1-2 skype calls a week.

I need what’s best in Krabi and Phuket… I already have an unlocked pocket Wi-Fi that allows both 3G and 4G, so I only need a Sim Card filled with internet. Unlimited data would be the best, but in reality I would be fine with around 10 GB if the speed is good.

So which options do I have and what are your experience?


I have used d-tac 4G largest plan when I was on Phuket.
It kind of feels like that during the day Internet is doing well, then around 4-5 PM it starts to get quirky. Not sure is Phuket overcrowded or what…
I’m web developer, spending ~ 10GB/Month.

Now I’m on Truemove (on Ko Samui) which kind of feels to be better experience than I had with d-tac on Phuket.