What Are The Safest Neighborhoods To Live in Cape Town?

Hi all! My girlfriend and I would like to spend a month in Cape Town in August and are researching the safest neighborhoods to live in. We’d like to get an Airbnb but we’re curious if anyone has any advice on where we should be looking? We’ve read a lot about Cape Town in our research, both good and bad. Any tips from people who have experience living in the city beyond a weekend resort stay would be great!

My wife and I are in Cape Town right now and we’ve stayed in two different neighborhoods: Woodstock and Tamboerskloof. Of the two I would say Tamboerskloof feels safer to walk around at night. It is definitely a wealthier neighborhood. At the same time, a previous guest at the AirBnb we are staying at in Tamboerskloof had the flat broken into and their laptop stolen, so one should be vigilant and security-minded anywhere. Our Woodstock flat was in a somewhat dodgy area but was a fantastic place to stay.

Woodstock is a gentrifying neighborhood with a lot of cool stuff (coworking, cafes, shops), but most of that is closed at night. If you want to be a little further out of the city, I think the next neighborhood out from Woodstock, Observatory (Obs or Obz for short) had a less sketchy feel and a number of restaurants, cafes and bars.

If you want to be closer to the beach (maybe not in August), Sea Point seemed alright the couple of times we’ve visited.

Greenpoint is also a great location. Close to the sea, in the city bowl as it gets called - basically walking distance to all the good stuff and plenty AirBnB’s around there.

Have fun, its a great place. If you hire a car make sure not to leave valuables in it and be sure to put valuable things in the in the trunk when driving.

Here’s a map I modified for a friend who was planning to do a medical residency there. We lived there for two years and know most of the neighborhoods well. Crime in Cape Town is mostly opportunistic, so don’t walk around with a camera around your neck, leave stuff in the car or your iPhone on a cafe table, etc.

If you want to message me a few possible locations I’d be happy to a let you know if it’s safe. Some areas on the map aren’t exactly unsafe - such as the city bowl, downtown can be somewhat unsafe at night, but you’d probably be a few stories up from street level and that’s perfectly safe. Oranjezicht, Vreadehoek, and Tamboerskloof are also OK in the city bowl.