What are wise ways to handle health insurance, as a USA person

Hi! I’m still struggling to figure out how to handle health insurance.

What handy guides have you found to help figure out USA health care?

I’m struggling with:

  • When it’s okay/wise to go without coverage while abroad, these days.
  • What other type of insurance I want while traveling, and whether it needs to be a supplement to USA insurance or if it can be a replacement.
  • Etc.

Above all, I think I want out. I wonder about success stories in moving to some other system/location, and the method you’d recommend: additional citizenship, a special visa, etc.

I have searched this topic and struggled with it, so summaries and clarity are super helpful. I appreciate any and all help with this. Thanks so much!

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I use Lynette. She sells a very comprehensive travel insurance plan. Many of your usa medical insurance will not cover you overseas and such. She would be able to help you answer all these questions as these would be specific to you and your risk tolerance and budget. Here is her email: lynette (at) globalhealthinsurance (dot) com (sorry it would allow me to put the @ symbol Im too new I guess and it would be a link)

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