What are your dream locations in Asia?

We have been racking our brains to source our dream location:

  • Surf
  • Dive/snorkel
  • Rockclimbing
  • Nomad working features such as safe, affordable, good internet and cool atmosphere
  • Preferably in Asia.

The most obvious choices seem to be in developed countries such as California, Sydney and the Basque region. However we are currently based in Asia and love the bustle of it all.

So far we have come up with a few seasonal options being Taiwan in the right time of year and the Philippines. Sri Lanka might be OK but we aren’t sure on the internet and the climbing doesn’t seem to be near the coast.

Anyone got any suggestions?

Cheers :smile:

I’d say Bali… ticks 4 out of boxes.

Only thing: not crazy or climbers. But I found this thread:

"Hi Hi
I live in Bali and doing climbing there is possible!

There are several clubs with artificial walls, nothing extraodinary, but nice to take a look when you are in holiday. For example, im in the Gibon Climbing Club.

3 spots for naturals routes:

  • Kintamani, hard to find if you dont know. There are high routes from 5 to 8 (europe cotation). We recently put new anchors :wink:
  • Padang Padang, some boulder and routes about 8m high max, but really old spits, you’ll have to use natural anchors, trees, etc…
  • Uluwatu, high routes about 40m high and some boulder. Same really old spits, you may manage to use column of the house on top of the cliff…

Sincerely, rock climbing is not the best of Bali, However, there are really good canyoning where you can go to unspoiled nature and abseil beautiful waterfall. Its awesome, and the team is nice. The tour that organize is Adventure & Spirit, definitely a must do in Bali :wink:

You can contact me when you are in Bali if you need more info
c u"


Thanks Conni, I didn’t know there was climbing in Bali at all! I have tried diving there before and was disappointed but understand there are some good spots out of the way on the north or over on the Gillies.

Hey man,

Also not sure about climbing, but I can definitely say that I was quite impressed at how affordable the 4G was when I was in Sri Lanka for a few weeks in June. I’d reach out to the guys at Talalla Surf Camp down south, they’ve been living in Sri Lanka for a few years an could give you a better idea.

That said, I’m quite keen to head to Bali next year as it seems to tick lots of my boxes, so I may take up your offer Conni!


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The Philippines ticks all boxes. Check out Baler or San Juan, La Union. You’ll actually get (surfable) waves there unlike in Sihanoukvillee or Koh tao. Bali is great for surfing too, but the Philippines is so much cooler. It’s got great music and an easy going vibe. The only things that suck are the typhoons, earthquakes, floods, and mudslides!

Thanks Lloyd - will be in Sri Lanka later this year I believe, so far there is surf and climbing but not too close to each other (climbing in the middle from what I can see).

Johnny! I did my dive course in Koh Tao but had no ideas there was such good climbing. Its going back on the list for a re-visit.

Nicholas - all roads look to be leading to the Philippines. Its looking like the best surf/dive/climb destination in Asia I can find. Thanks for the tip!

I’d say Dumaguete comes close. Cheap, good Internet, lots of diving & good Western food. Climbing is limited but there is some.

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A Mecca for clmbers, good food, music, Internet, … No diving anywhere near, though.

Bali definitely has a good potential.
As mentioned before, climbing is the only weak point but there are artificial walls on the island & good bouldering in Padang Padang (Bukit peninsula).
Surf: a Mecca.
Dive, Freedive, snorkle: plenty of scuba diving schools, the highlights are the Manta Rays and the 120m long USS ship wreck, the rest is “ok”, a short flight to komodo will bring you to world class dive spots. Freedive: more than 5 schools in Bali & the Gilis. Snorkling is nice in Amed, and many other spots.
Regarding places to work: plenty of co-working spaces in Bali, whether it’s on a surf spot (Canggu) or in the yoga capital (Ubud). 4G is also available (Telkomsel Simpati).
Good luck

I have extreme bias here as my girlfriend is @youjindo and she’s Korean, but I love Jeju Island https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Jejudo

It’s a somewhat tropical island a few hours away from South Korea. For some reason it’s hotter there than in Korea itself.

Any way, it has extremely fast internet, there’s now a FREE coworking space, it’s extremely peaceful. You can bicycle around the island and all that fun stuff haha. It’s definitely not Koh Phangan but when you’re in your late 20s like me, maybe you like this better :smiley:

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Thanks for the tip, sounds great and like a secret tip. I have never heard about it before in the nomad scene. What kind of nomads are there, where from etc.? What about accommodation and cost of living?


Can you let us know more about the place in Sri Lanka which you are going to? Are there co-working spaces?


Hi Philippe, I went to Colombo briefly a long time ago, I am sure it has changed massively since.

The South coast’s weather should be clearing up in a couple of months and will be heading there then. I don’t know of any co-working spaces but it is an established tourist area so cafes and wi-fi should be fine.

Jeju do - not heard of it, good tip with diving climbing and maybe some surfing all easily accessible!

Many thanks! I will head to Sri Lanka probably next year, and also heard that south coast is good, and still not too touristy (means not overcrowded and/or pricey). However, I’m still to find out where exactly. Good to know that they have wifi cafes, as this does the job as well.


Just wanted to add. You should checkout lowpressure.co.uk . It has served me well =)

Not many nomads yet :slight_smile: mostly Koreans, but it’s up and coming.

I really like Dumaguete, in the Philippines: