What do you use to work together remotely?

What do you use to work together remotely with your team?

I know Slack, Hipchat and Hall.

Which ones do you guys use and why?

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I’ve used HipChat, it’s faster, but buggier, and doesn’t look as nice. Slack seems to attract better customers and Groups :slight_smile:

I’ve used hipchat and slack. I prefer slack. Many more integrations to take advantage of and a much better ux/ui.

I used both. Hipchat for my current full-time freelance gig, and Slack for the startup I’m exiting. And for #nomads of course.

depends on the way of communication. we use chatgrape (slack-like chat from austria) for fast group communication, email for direct communication (especially if there’s need for longer explanations), trello for task management (to get an overview, what are the people working on).

We documented what we use at Teleport (8 people full time across 5 countries + freelancers) here: http://teleport.org/2015/02/teleports-remote-teamwork/

Hey Sten,

Would love to chat about the tools you’re using and how I can help!