What does a DN pack in a first-aid kit for Central America or South Asia?

I’m packing for Costa Rica (staying there end of September to end of October) and wonder what I should take along in my first-aid kit (if anything is necessary at all) … what do other DNs take along in terms of first-aid?

I will head on to Chiang Mai in late November for an extended stay in the triangle (CNX, BKK, SGN) — which may or may not require completely different stuff.

I’ve not been to Costa Rica or Chiang Mai, so my needs may well be quite different, but all I pack are painkillers. Where I am it’s as easy for me to get anything else I may need as it would be at home. It will be interesting to see what others have to say about the availability of basic first aid items at your destinations, though.

unless you’re going way off grid, all you need is money to buy stuff at the pharmacy if/when you need it.

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Yeah, I agree. Unless you have a specific anti-allergy medicine or something like that which you need to carry with you at all times it is not necessary. Everything else can be found at local pharmacies.

Thanks a lot, folks, so I can practically live, in medical terms, like @home … just waaaaay cheaper =: )

@wanderingdev: “off-grid” is actually a good point, as I’m planning to live in a tent for as long as possible in whatever kinda woods they have on location, and commute to the respective coworking spaces. So maybe I ought to get in touch with the outdoor guys for this particular aspect of my journey.

Traveler’s diarrhea pills. Picked up some from a travel clinic before I came to Mexico and did not regret it.
The ones I have are 3 pills per occurrence, take one pill every day, and I have enough for three “episodes,” (so 9 pills total).

I’ve been here nearly three months, eat a TON of street food and have only needed them once. Can you get them here? Probably. But they’re cheap, don’t take up much space in your bag, and when you need them you’re not really going to be in the mood to go to the pharmacy and explain in a language you don’t understand what you need.

Also, make sure you get all of your vaccines. If you find a travel clinic and tell them the places you’ll be going, they’ll tell you what you need. The major cities in Central America tend to be fine, but you’ll find a lot more disease in the rural areas.

I don’t know much about Costa Rica, but having spent some time in El Salvador I know that there are a lot of stray dogs pretty much everywhere so rabies is something you’ll also want to think about. Rabies shots are EXPENSIVE, though, in the states, and you need three injections over 28 days, so you may want to think about doing this once you get to Costa Rica instead. Will you need it? Probably not, but it is something that you’ll want to think about now rather than after you’ve been bitten by something!