What is digital nomad dating like?


Hi everyone,

I am planning to start living a semi-nomadic lifestyle from the beginning of next year, probably spending around half my time on the road and half my time at home (but keeping an open mind).

I was just wondering what dating is like as a digital nomad? This is important to me. I am looking for a committed relationship, somebody to have adventures with. Monogamy is a must, but no rush for marriage, children etc.

In your experience, is this something lots of nomads are doing/ looking for? Or is it just a lot of casual sex and “locationships”?

Looking forward to hearing all about your experiences! Thank you everyone :slight_smile:


Interesting thread. Can you expand a bit on the definition of “locationships”?


Well from my expirience and what I know of a lot of full time nomads, monogamy is a must…not. Especially if they aren’t in a place for too long. I think it just depends from person to person and how much time you have to give to dating. I know from personal experience that long distance relationships can be very trying and even more so when there’s a time difference or limited connection due to traveling.


Thanks for your reply :slight_smile:
I’m sure there are various definitions, but to me a locationship is when you’re in an exclusive relationship with somebody while you’re in a specific place that you won’t be in for long e.g. working on contract abroad, or on an extended holiday. It would look and feel much like a “conventional” relationship but as soon as one or both of you leave it’s over.
e.g. You’re going to be living in London for 6 months. You meet somebody you really like the first week you’re there, so you see them and only them for the 6 months. Then you leave London and the relationship ends there.

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Thanks for your reply :slight_smile:
Good information to know!


I’ve never heard this term or definition, but I love the explanation!


Speaking in generalities, we’ve already left our family and friends behind to travel, we’re the unattached type. This probably means that we’re less likely to let relationships bind us to a specific location.

But in the end, the question is on the wrong track. You probably won’t be dating other nomads. Your choices are typically dating a local, dating a vacationer, or dating an expat who has settled in. Nomad’s will probably be in the minority of your options. So it is up to you to decide how it plays out.

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Hi Suzanne -
I’d say I share much of your same preferences. I recently started my nomad journey without an intention to be dating as I didnt think I’d find someone who shared my same preferences and values. However, i happened to have met someone I’m really enjoying. I though it would be a “locationship” as he lacked certain qualities i would look for in a long term partner but we are taking everything one day at a time for now. So to be continued I suppose…


Can’t see anything wrong with locationships, if you like spending time together then why not do it, even if you know it’s for a limited time only. In the end if you will find “the one” then it won’t be a problem because both of you will figure out a way to be together. Just my opinion.


The lighter forms of internet finding a partner (e.g. Tinder) have worked well for me. I’m open on my profile about how I am only here for 6 months so people know ahead of time when the end will come. I’ve had several “locationships” and so far it’d worked like a normal lover relationship, but with a known end date. Maybe if you’re fortunate you will meet someone who has the traveling spark in them and will uproot to have a lifestyle like yours, or you can meet someone who’s worth rooting yourself for. Either way there is a lot of flexibility (as long as there’s open communication) which is really nice!

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