What is possible demand for a co-living space in Istanbul?

Im a startup lover from Istanbul, and me and my friends we opened first non-profit co-working space for students near Bogaziçi university.(we are also still in college)

its called " garage " spelling is in Turkish : http://www.garaj.co/

It is totaly free for students, we host events like startup talks, give workshops about ios-android dev, pi-arduino , robotics, data ,analytics etc.
We teach little kids (7-15 olds )basics of programming (scratch) for free

What im asking here is ; I need to come up with a business model to make it sustainable for a long time.

Co-living concept sounds pretty good to me and i feel like it will get just bigger and better in the future.

So im asking your opinion about staying in a co-living space which is part of a student co-working area for digital nomads.Its in university neighboorhood 40 minutes train ride to anywhere(Taksim-bluemosque are etc). Young passionate people around and decent internet connection.It won’t cost much :smile:

Thanks for reply

Hi Murat,
I love the idea! If a co-living existed in Istanbul, I would love to spend some time there. Also, your co-working space looks great.
I don’t know the place near Bogaziçi, but it seems a bit remote for me. Istanbul transports are nightmare I think. But I guess, you can’t change the place, so…
To me clearly, it would be awesome if in Kadiköy, I buy directly. I buy with pleasure in Beyoglu, Galata, Karaköy. Other than this it really needs some good arguments.
Would it allow short term stays? Or only long term? What was your idea?

Hey Fabien
We are located a little bit north in Istanbul and traffic is terrible but we just had our direct subway line to university so not bad for transportation.
Kadiköy is great neighborhood. I love Beyoglu district like all young people in Turkey. It would be really nice to have a place there.
Need to work on structure and business model more for good arguments. I was thinking through what i have at the moment.
I Like to be connected and connect digital nomads with local same mind people.
If you are around Istanbul, like to buy you drink and talk more :smile: