What is the best dentist in Chiang Mai?

Any recommendations? Looking for temporary crown.

I’ve seen medical-related discussion on that (shudder) Thai visa-related site. You’ll need to sort through the trash, but I’ll bet you’ll find some recommendations there (amongst the discarded flip-flops and elephant pants).

Grace Dental


Do NOT go to Grace Dental.

It’s possible I got unlucky and my tooth was doomed from the get go, but I had a cavity filled there… When I came back to Canada 3 months later, having tooth pain, my dentist here found plaque growing underneath where the Thai dentist had supposedly filled the cavity - which means she didn’t do a good job.

It’s resulted in $$$ and me having to get a root canal, and possibly losing a tooth.

My other nomad friend also had a bad experience with Grace - they messed up his root canal, and he had to get it extracted.

Can’t tell you where to go, but yeah, NOT GRACE.

Mukmai Dental. It’s behind the 3 Kings Monument in the old city. Usually booked a few days out, but he does great work.

Local clinics are usually reliable for minor treatments and routine cleaning but I think it’s best to go to Bangkok for major dental treatments like dental implants and crown replacements. I have been using Thantakit Dental when I was based in BKK. Their dentists are very good. Facilities are impressive. A popular place for a dental holiday.

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