What is the best mobile carrier for a foreigner in USA?

Hi DN community! I’m going to spend 4 month in US and wondering if somebody can recommend me cheap, but reliable=), mobile operator. Requirements:

  • simcard should be suitable for my unlocked iPhone
  • minor usage of texting and callings
  • minor usage of internet data, but with 4G support
    Hope this makes sense. Happy to add more specific info, if needed.


when I’m in the US I use this $30/month plan: http://prepaid-phones.t-mobile.com/other-prepaid-plans. Depends where you’ll be though. coverage can be spotty.

just checked plan, sounds great. Thanks!
Do you use unlocked smartphone with that plan or it works with T-mobile locked smartphones only?

works with an unlocked phone. you can double check on the site that the model will work but I’ve used it with 3-4 phones of different types with no issues

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I used my unlocked phone with t-mobile while in the US and everything worked fine.

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