What is the best portable printer?

Any recommendations for a portable printer that is light and can print A4 sized pages?
At times I have bought cheap “throw away” printers when I stayed longer at a location, but I havent really found a good solution that I can just keep in my luggage.

Any recommendations?

Just did my search before posting the same question and came across yours. We’re swimming in similar waters Matthais! It was nice reading your survivor story from coboat. :slight_smile: Hope all is well.

I came across the Brother pocketjet, which is a thermal printer @ 300dpi. Canon’s Pixma iP100 has excellent review and is inkjet, but a bit bulky still - 12.7 x 2.4 x 7.2in and 4.4lbs.

I usually only print b&w for legal/business docs, so thermal may work, but damn it’s expensive. I’ll stick to internet cafe’s at the price.

Curious to know if anyone here has recommendations or has used one of the above.

This looks interesting: Brother PocketJet 6 Plus

I would like a zutalabs mini printer (b/w only). I think in principle it could print ANY format (even several square metres), as long as the ink lasts. The principle is that the printer moves, not the paper. Alas, the price …

Yes, the pocketjet is the most portabe solution. but pretty expensive. Even old/used ones on ebay are still over €200 without the battery. And spending €600+ just to be able to print seemed to much.

I changed my behaviour since asking the question to print significantly less when traveling and use the hotel or coworking space for things like boarding passes.

The Zutalabs device would be a good option, but it is not relased yet. And there are doubts on their Kickstarter comment section if and when it will be available.