What is the best SIM card for Romania?

I live in Budapest but have started traveling around a lot through Central/Eastern Europe as a nomad, but I need a local SIM to work-does anyone have any suggestions/advice for the best SIM for Romania? Preferably with lots of data and the option to tether?

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I used orange RO; embarrassingly, I can’t remember if the speed was HSPA+ or 4G, but it was perfectly adequate in any case. It was around EUR10 for a couple gigabytes of data. I didn’t try to tether, because my apartment in a smaller town had 30Mbps down anyways–speeds in Bucharest are even faster. I heard from locals that orange and Vodafone have quite similar speeds, coverage, and pricing.

You can always check the prepaid sim wikia (Google [prepaid sim card wiki] and you should be able to find it), which is usually pretty up-to-date.

Please see here for up to date options : prepaid-data-sim-card.wikia.com/wiki/Romania as dvc suggests above.

Somehow I’d never heard of that prepaid sim card wiki-quite useful-cheers!

According to the site, it seems Vodafone has tethering but doesn’t mention anything about Orange. Unless anyone else has any confirmation that Orange allows tethering I guess I’ll just go with Vodafone.

Thumbs up for Orange - it has great 4G coverage, allows tethering, no other restrictions. Vodafone blocks Skype and everything VOIP, don’t know about tethering but being Vodafone (aka shitty with customers) it wouldn’t be a surprise to me if they block it. The other providers are not great.

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I’m a Cosmote fan. Incredible prices and customer service.

I was turned on to them in Greece, and loved the service. When I saw RO had Cosmote, I signed up. Love it.

I use voda phone its 50gb for 26 lei (5euro)