What is the best small town in Mexico for one month?

I’ve been doing some research about Guanajuato, SMA, Taxco and others. I haven’t really gained any definitive winners of the contest for best non-coastal town. I don’t mind a decent amount of foreigners as it will be my first foray into digital nomadism.

That being said, I do speak Spanish and plan on practicing it - but do not want to rely on it 100% of the time. I am planning on spending 2-3 weeks in Playa del Carmen or Tulum.

For me “best” means a. quality Internet b. traditional/Spanish colonial Mexico c. sufficient amount of activities within or near the town for 4 weekends / some weekdays.

Any answers are helpful! Thank you!

We went from Playa del Carmen (3mo in 2016) to Guanajuato (3mo, staying for 12mo). Playa is extremely convenient, meaning that it’s set up for American tourists and retirees who want to have the “comforts of home”. That said, we didn’t like it very much. The city is set up for tourism and it’s hard to connect with locals outside of the tourism bubble. It’s easy, level 1, travel…lol

Guanajuato is amazing. It’s big enough to have things going on each weekend and the true culture smacks you in the face…which is what we were after. I’ve heard SMA is pretty (have yet to visit) and has similar conveniences to Playa in terms of stores, but there’s a lot of expats/tourists there. The cost of living is also higher than GTO.

Internet - parts of town have fiber. Tal Cafe has quality internet.
Colonial Mexico - check
Activities - GTO has concerts, recently hosted an intl. rally car race, festivals downtown, etc. There’s enough going on here to stay busy and a bus to SMA would be pretty easy to arrange.

Reach out if you end up in GTO. Would be nice to grab coffee and chat.

Here’s one of our posts on GTO - http://theluxpats.com/2017/02/guanajuato-walking/

Since you’ll be in the general area, check out Bacalar, just outside of Chetumal. It’s one of the “pueblos mágicos” of Mexico. The laguna there is amazing and food is decent. Quite a few backpackers go through there, but the locals are very friendly so you won’t have a problem interacting with people.

Wifi isn’t too bad, but really, in smaller Mexican towns, you’re not going to get blazing fast internet unless it’s swarming with tourists.

I live in ajijic and at great. What month are you coming?
It’s very convenient- 30 minutes from Guadalajara airport and a bit more to the city. It’s on the biggest lake in Mexico and surrounded by mountains. Snow bird season is the winter time, there’s many expat retirees here especially then. I’ve been here since August and am leaving in June but love it.
SMA is nice too, way more cosmopolitan and crowded and also not so convenient to get to airport wise. In Ajijic, now worries on finding wifi or working.

Ok, cool. Thanks Andrew. I’m planning on going down toward that area for a bit and will keep it in mind before passing to Guatemala.

Great answer. Thanks! Planning on GTO starting May 28. Once I’m settled in, I’ll make sure to reach out.

Hi Natalie - Thanks for the answer. I’ll be in Guanajuato in late May and in Mexico for at least a month. Maybe more depending on how I find it. I’m looking into Ajijic for a short weekend trip.