What is the best VPN for South East Asia?

I’m going to be in various parts of South East Asia for 5 months (Japan, Korea, Vietnam, China, Thailand, Cambodia, Laos, Singapore, Indonesia) and I have decided based on much reading that I need to get a VPN set up for myself. Rather than using my own server, I’d like to set up with a paid service which will have various places around the work to connect through which are reliable and appropriate for what I’m doing (e.g. banking, chatting, emailing watching streaming TV from home, or Netflix).

I’m sure there are plenty of recommendations out there.

Thanks :smile:

I’m in China now and Astrill seems to work quite OK for me. Also many people here are telling me that Shadowsocks is good.

You can use this one https://hide.me/en/ is one the best. I am working with them :slight_smile:

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I use AirVPN, they have servers in many countries, including one in Singapore and HK, respectively. Good service, strong commitment to privacy, many options, nice GUI client. However, frequently here (e.g. on small islands in Indonesia) the wifi is just so slow that it’s a bit of a hassle just to log in, and I wouldn’t count on streaming video. At least the GUI client provides many options (choice of protocol, skip DNS and route testing, etc.).
I’m not aware of any better provider with servers in SEA, would love to hear about it.

AirVPN allows 3 simultaneous connections, using OpenVPN (just need to use different servers, but that’s trivial). Works on OS X, Linux, Win, iOS, and I believe Android. On OS X, it supports a network lock (i.e. all traffic outside the VPN tunnel is blocked).
Astrill has an impressive server list, including HK, Sing, and Indonesia. Not sure how good the client is. One laptop and one mobile device at a time.
In my view, the services explicitly aimed at the P2P crowd (hidemyass etc.) are not as good in overcoming censorship etc. while traveling.
I’ve had a hard time getting decent VPN speeds in China.
Oh, and Peter is right in that you should get things set up and working before you come, and if you have the choice, set things up such that IP addresses of the VPN servers are stored (rather than just their names), as many places (e.g. China) do aggressive DNS poisoning.

Happy https://www.getcloak.com/ user here. Really smart on iOS too (if you use that).

Thanks for the recommendations, folks!

I like the multi-platformness of AirVPN but their website uuuugly. I shall try and not judge based on that. Prices are really straightforward too. Cheers @FabHK

@PTnomad so are you saying Proxify is no good, or just that it’s no good unless you’ve already set it up?

Hide.me seems to be Windows only, sadly. And Cloak, while it looks very user friendly, is probably not for me, as my primary phone is an Android.

P.S. Further recommendations based on personal experience are still very welcome, I’m not leaving the UK for another couple of months. Plenty of time to decide.

This one works on all devices https://www.hidemyass.com/

Pssst, you do realise that Japan, Korea and China aren’t actually in SE Asia? :smile:

I have been using TorGuard for a year and really like it. It is in my experience the best (though not the prettiest). I have tried many different ones, nothing come close to TORGuard in terms of quality, speed and number of locations. Plus it is one of the rare VPN that do not log your data and respect your privacy.

https://www.tunnelbear.com/ is pretty neat, plus you get a free gb upgrade for tweeting about them.

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+1 for TORGuard and there are 50% off codes out there just Google for them

Been in China for 3 months. MyVPN has worked for sure. Also agree to get it sorted out before you travel!

Don’t recommend BT Guard

@karel, I think you should have mentioned that you used an affiliate link there. It might cloud your judgment somewhat.

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@FabHK You are right. Though, this is not the reason I shared it nor does it cloud my judgement. As I care more for sharing my experience than the (non-existent) commission, I changed the link.

nomadtunnel.com is a great VPN for nomads (as the name implies). They have servers in all the nomad hotspots, allow multiple connections and cost only 5$ per month.

Hi freedomsurfer, the nomadtunnel website has very little information available (server locations, supported protocols, supported platforms, number of simultaneous connections, logging policy…). It does not look very technical, or very legit for that matter. (your website, on the other hand, is rather informative :smile: )

I know :slight_smile: but they are only half of my trip, and it’s easier than going “East and South East Asia”.

Okay so results so far:


  • MyVPN
  • AirVPN
  • Cloak
  • HideMyAss
  • Tunnelbear
  • TorGuard x 2

Not Recommended:

  • BT Guard

Thanks for the recommendations so far, folks!

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+1 On GetCloak. I last year I had a little slowness using it from SEA (ie. getting 10Mbps instead of 20Mbps), but that was infrequent and got better towards the end of my last run through SEA. Support was fabulous helping troubleshoot too.

FWIW, usually my connection from Thailand or Indonesia would terminate in Japan, sometimes Vladivostok or Korea (IIRC), it bounced around, but mostly Japan.

However I know Cloak uses Linode a lot and Linode just opened up a new data center in Singapore. I haven’t been in SEA since that change, but I’m guessing that’ll help Cloak users in SEA tremendously.