What is the best way to approach Taiwan?

We have never been in Taiwan (a couple of travelers) and I am just wondering is possible to find there some quite clean place to hang for a while? How it is better to start? Are there any website’s for short and long term rentals? It looks like AirBnB is not that popular there. So it seems that usual tactics - rent hotel or airbnb for short term and then look for long term just driving around might not work. It looks like everything there in Chinese - so if there are any tips how to overcome this - that is more then welcome :slight_smile: Overall just interested in any suggestion - where best to go first? Also is it hard to extend your stay there - we are digital nomads - so working for some company overseas and probably will be extending as a tourist (If we like there).
Sorry for so many questions - but this is really some terra incognita for me :slight_smile: