What is the cheapest option to get out of Colombia for 1-2 weeks and come back

This is quite a specific question but can be generic in term of method.
I need to get some time out of Bogota so I can come on the remaining days of my touristic visa in order to enrol in a cheapest university to study Spanish.
So basically going out for 2 weeks, come back, do the papers during the 3 remaining weeks.
I’m trying to find the cheapest flight + hotel combination for this period of time using Nomadlist.
Anybody has a better method/experience?

nomadlist isn’t the best place to search for that. better to use a flight search engine like skyscanner or skypicker. the USA is likely to be cheapest though.

You could fly viva colombia to Panama (punta pacifico and not PTY). These flights can be had for under $100.

While in Panama setup a bank account and friendly nations visa :slight_smile:

Copa and Avianca run specials a lot. I used to just pick the cheapest route that week, whether it was USA, Guatemala, El Sal, Panama, Ecuador, etc. Check it out! Also SkyScanner and you can search an entire month if you’re flexible.

Hi Matthew,
You probably want to ask this question on travel.stackexchange.com
I often get very good answers from permanent travelers on this forum.
Good luck

Thanks for the websites, Skypicker is good but not great, I got a better flight on vivaColombia, they didn’t handle musical instruments with skypicker :s.

use them as a search tool, don’t buy through them.