What is your ergonomic set-up while traveling?

What is your ergonomic set-up while traveling?

I personally have an external keyboard, and am currently exploring getting a laptop stand, some lumbar support, and a trackball-mouse.

What do you use? How are you balancing health / portability?

Do you travel with it or buy and expand a new one when you move ?

So far only an actual mouse (working with a laptops trackpad would have killed me by now), but looking into the same things you mention, especially lumbar support!

Just an external mouse at the moment, but will be picking up a laptop stand + external keyboard sometime in the next couple months.

I travel with a small one from Poker. But it’s so-so ergonomically and the delete key got messed up in my luggage, so I just bought a Goldtouch Go keyboard. It folds up for easy transport and tents for ergonomics. Should be getting here in a week or so - will post the outcome.

Also did a ton of research on this yesterday and may write a blog post.


standup desk, sometimes sitting on a high stool, sometimes standing
minicute right and left mice
logitech k810 keyboard
cosmos keyboard cover
cosmos portable stand
usb fan

Laptop stand, external keyboard, external mouse, bluetooth speaker.

I assume you guys don’t travel carryon then?

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I just wrote up a bunch of options on one of my blogs. Mostly because I want that TextBlade something fierce.

At the moment, I try to switch it up a lot to keep from getting stuck in any one position. I alternate between standing and sitting and take lots of dance/stretch breaks, for example.

I carry everything I own when I travel, and don’t check bags. So I need small, but effective.

http://www.livecollarfree.com/digital-nomad-ergonomics/ (Not sure what the link policy is here, but delete this if it’s a no-no, P)


Whoah…why two mice? How does that work?


They both control the one cursor, I just switch from left and right to give my arms a break.


Nice! Never heard of that before.

What portable laptop stands are people using?

I’d love a roost but only have a Windows laptop and don’t think they fit.


The new roost stand is supposed to work with a lot more laptop form factors than the original. The kickstarter is running for a couple more days, I can’t wait to get mine (: An external keyboard and mouse are a must-have- anything to free me up to prop my laptop screen a bit higher!

Just backed the new roost, can’t wait to get it.

What kind of lumbar support do you get? I saw this better back kickstarter but that isn’t out yet… What do you use?

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I just got the new Roost last month. You can feel a huge difference when using it.

Another great stand I want to recommend is the Aviiq Laptop stand. I use both the Roost and Aviiq regularly, but here’s a few situations where I like the low-profile Aviiq setup:

If I use my full setup, I usually expect to stay set up for a few hours. It does not take long, and is not particularly difficult. But I don’t find it worth the effort if I only plan on spending an hour or less working somewhere.

Occasionally I find myself in coffee shops that don’t have any power outlets available. Using my mouse and bluetooth keyboard drains the battery very quickly. The Aviiq laptop stand still provides most of the benefits of the roost, but without the necessity of all the peripherals.

Finally I sometimes find myself working at a narrow bar, or small table that can’t fit the extra keyboard. The Aviiq stand does not take up any more space than setting up your laptop on it’s own.

I wrote up a full post on my setup here. http://kylegray.io/ergonomic-digital-nomads/

Hope this helps.

I’m actually working on a new portable standing desk design to address this issue:

Interested in people’s feedback on the design/concept!

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To me the real problem is always with the chairs. rented places almost never have ergonomic chairs & most of co-works with the open spaces too.

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Not sure what ‘ergonomic’ means but Nexstand is a lifesaver. That plus a Bluetooth mouse (and keyboard, optionally), because it can get straining on the shoulders/upper back to have your arms elevated to scroll and type constantly.

Something like 20USD on amazon. And no I am not getting paid to promote this thing.