What keyboard do you use?

Looking for a good keyboard to take with me for using with my Windows laptop and future Roost stand.

I picked up an Anker keyboard, but was quickly disoriented as it is set up for Apple, with the Fn and Ctrl keys switched to what I’m used to. This may sound picky, but I work in Excel a lot.

I’m considering the Microsoft Universal Foldable keyboard, but not a fan of the big gap in the middle.

What can you all recommend? (preferably under $80)

What’s the advantage of the Microsoft Universal Foldable keyboard over your default keyboard? Are you using a sub 12" or what? o__O
If you really type a lot of numbers you should consider a small external keypad, but getting used to the laptop keyboard is crucial. Or maybe just find a laptop with a better kb, since an external kb is a pain in the arse from the portability point of view.

You definitely make good points. Laptop is 15" and keyboard is fine. But I’m going to be using this roost stand to try to correct my shitty posture, and since the laptop will be elevated I’ll need something at desk-level.

Not under $80 unfortunately but having also failed with the Anker I’ve been loving the Logitech Easy Switch + Roost combo. It’s been pretty robust so far - about 8 months in and still going strong.

I picked up a TVS Gold mechanical switch keyboard (the cheapest mechanical I’ve come across) online in India, and it’s great if you’re going to be staring at a screen typing code all day. Heavier than a regular desktop keyboard (most mechanicals tend to be), so it’s not the perfect solution if you need portability. I’ve been using el cheapo keyboards for years, and I really should have moved up to a mechanical one a long time ago.

On my next trip back to the US, I’m tempted to pick up the Das Keyboard and give it a shot.