What mobile plans do you recommend in Guatamala and Belize?

Hi every one.
I’m travelling to Guatamala and Belize in a couple of days and was wondering what’s the best mobile-data option (Best speed and coverage) around here? I’ve looked at Tigo or Claro. Do you have any recommendations?

I don’t know about Belize, but I am in Guatemala and have been successfully using Movistar. For 100 Queztales (about $13 USD) you can get a pre-paid 30 day plan with 1 GB of data, which seems to be plenty if you are mainly using it for email, Waze and a little internet browsing. Movistar has good 4G/LTE coverage in Guatemala City, Antigua and Panajachel. I haven’t really tried it anywhere else. The nice thing is that I believe you can use your Guatemalan chip in Belize (and vice versa) without roaming charges.

Thank you so Much. For anyone else reading this, i ended up buying a 20gb sim-card from TIGO (79$) just in the arrival hall before immigration. I’m sitting now at El Peradon Surf House with 3G 10/7mb. In Guatemala City i had 4G/LTE coverage and 15/15mb . So everything turned out perfectly.