What options do I have for housing in Chiang Mai?


I’m planning on staying in Chiang Mai for a month-ish in May. So far I’ve been using Airbnb to book places but was wondering if there are any other options that might be a bit cheaper.

Looking for a two bedroom.

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The AirBNB in Chiang Mai are typically pretty bad, and very overpriced. Almost everything is cheaper. You will not be coming during the high season so your chance of driving around finding something nice and available is pretty good. Booking online is never the way to get a good deal, and often online prices are “sucker prices” for the unsaavy. Coming in person and asking for availability and the price list, take a look, then negotiate down for the best price is the way to get a good deal.

Monthly places tend to be studios, maybe 1BR “deluxe rooms” in some cases, from 10,000-20,000 for nice western style places. There are lots of cheaper places than that (5,000-8,000 baht) which you will find if you google around for common options, but the quality is pretty bad and I wouldn’t bother unless you don’t mind street noise, strange floorplans, and flaky internet. And again mostly studios and 1BR.

If you will be staying 6 months or more your best best is to rent a condo. There are lots of them with 2BR, nice rooms, and good prices, but rarely are there any for less than 6month rentals. I haven’t found any decent 2BR places on a monthly basis, but I haven’t looked too hard.

All that said, I’m told “The Bliss” is pretty good, slightly overpriced, but I think they offer 2BR monthly rooms.

Condo search sites:




Great info by WalkerTraylor.
I’d also just book a few nights for when you get here and walk around the neighborhood you like once you’re here to look around. If you NEED a 2 bedroom, rent a house or a large condo.

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Thanks for all the great info you guys! :smile:

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Thanks for the info, I will be using your list in my house search.