What place in Thailand has fast internet and beautiful nature?

Hi all!

I’m trying to work out where I should go in Thailand that offers a combination of strong internet connection with a bit of natural beauty (hills/sea - I don’t really mind).

I’ve been in Bali recently and whilst it is gorgeous it has two main problems for me. First, it doesn’t really support a lifestyle where you walk anywhere - the roads are dangerous and pavements largely non-existant. And, famously, the internet connections here aren’t fabulous, unless you go to a coworking spot.

Can anyone with experience of Thailand please tell me if they can recommend somewhere that’s attractive to be in, well connected, and less-than-lethal for pedestrians?



Not sure this place exists in Thailand - or anywhere else in SE Asia for that matter :wink:

Hehe - OK - I’m happy to drop the less-than-lethal requirement, since you’re probably right. But some towns are more livable than others, and I guess I’m asking about a place that’s just not been totally ruined by its traffic…

I’m a big fan of Koh Lanta. Beautiful island with great wi-fi at most places. Have worked at KoHub (www.kohub.org) multiple times.


Chiang Mai in my memory is the only city in Thailand with wide roads and pretty good internet.

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Chiang Mai is a good city with quick access to the hills and most places have fast and decent internet

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Koh Samui has an airport and very good internet. Although maybe not the most beautiful part of Thailand (Though very beautiful) you might use it as a hub to jump to the other, smaller, islands.

I lived in Srithanu on the west coast of Koh Phangan and the Internet was fast there. You can definitely walk around the town easily and get around without a motorbike (although you’ll probably still want one).

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Thanks so much, especially to you kaaist, for the specific details.

How good is life in Chiang Mai as a pedestrian? I can cope with crossing busy roads, it’s just places with no pavements and a million scooters make me a bit tense…

I have been in CM for 2+ years and never felt unsafe as a pedestrian.

The sidewalks aren’t always easy to navigate because they can be narrow, or occupied by food stalls, motorcycles or whatever else.

However for me, compared to a country like Vietnam, it is a dream to walk around in CM.

Thanks for the info on CM, jerriep - really appreciated.

Before this thread dies for good, does anyone have any last suggestions on places that combine natural beauty and decent internet connections?


Pai. North of CM. Small town, easy to walk around. Fast good internet.


Thanks! I’ve never heard of Pai but now I’ll check it out seriously. Thank you!

I was on Koh Lanta (Kohub) 4 months from Feb-May 2015. It was a great community, heading back there soon! I can really recommend it, close to the beach, chill lifestyle and good Internet!


Hmm, KoHub looks cool. Tempting. Anyone tried both this and going it alone somewhere like CM and care to compare them as experiences? That might be too vague of a question, but I suppose I’m in that phase of planning where I could do anything but I want to try and do the best things… :smiley:

While in Bali did you visit Lovina? It is a very walkable city and resembles many europeans beachfronts with a little water fountain, piazza and boardwalk on the beach with shops.

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Thanks for this tip! We’re still in Bali and will seriously consider Lovina.

I’d really like to second this question. As someone who hasn’t been to Thailand understanding the differences for DMs to live in Chiang Mai or on one of the bigger islands is really key. If anyone can compare or contrast the two lives, that’d be terrific. Also, anyone who’d simply vote one way or another on rokeeffe’s question would be much appreciated too.

@endeavouren How much were your monthly costs there? 1k USD pm doable or is is substantially higher?

@AlexLielacher I haven’t stayed long-term, but I visited Koh Lanta at the very end of low season / very beginning of high season a couple months ago. I stayed in a great private room in a guesthouse for ฿200 per night. Food was about the same or cheaper than Bangkok.

The owner of the guesthouse told me that his rent for the whole building (4 rooms including his quarters) is ฿5000 per month, which kind of blew my mind. I also met a few locals and that rent started to seem more like the norm.

Based on what I heard, if you are willing to live “Thai style”, you can easily live for less than $1000 (฿35000) per month. That would include long-term rental of a motorbike and a quiet, furnished place that is probably off the beaten path.