What place in Thailand has fast internet and beautiful nature?

Thank you so much @mattreinhart for the info! I am flying over on the 6th December. Can’t wait :slight_smile:

Chiang Mai has incredibly fast Internet and awesome sceneries. Another vote to Pai. Been there for 2 weeks for my training in a beautiful kung fu/meditation retreat and I was still able to work online on the evenings! The Internet was very reliable and the views are just astounding.

+1 for Pai, in Thailand. It actually has surprisingly good internet. It’s very close to the nature, & has many things to do around (hikes, waterfalls, caves, & other landmarks).

There is no more co-working space in Pai at the time of writing (December 2015) - Mergespace was closed - however you can work from cafés & restaurants.

I just created this thread to help you & others to solve the “finding a decent place to work from in Pai” issue :wink: What’s the best places to work in Pai, Thailand? I will add my 2 cents to this thread as I actually found a couple of good places to work from.

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@endeavouren What was the weather like towards the end of your stay? Im heading to that area in June.

@rynesweeney I have seen the same question on a Facebook group thread. Maybe you can ask again if you don’t find it. It was on one of these groups I believe:

Chiang Mai and try checking out Pai too. More or less a 3-hour ride from CM. Love the kung fu and meditation camp there too, with a pretty reliable Internet as well.