What problems do you face while working remotely?🤔


Hi all,

For those of you who work remotely, I think the community would love to hear about your problems … I know I would.

When working remotely what problems do you face with your day to day work and/or employer(s)? … Please list anything and everything that comes to mind!

  • Ideally, people who have overcome the problem(s) will weigh in with recommendations. :ok_hand:
  • With this information, people who wish to join the nomadic lifestyle can better prepare for the transition from ‘office job’ to ‘remote work’. :airplane:

Some topics that might trigger some inspiration for reply. :speech_balloon:

  • trust from employer
  • communication
  • project management
  • payment
  • timezones
  • culture/teamwork/colleagues
  • stress/anxiety



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