What’s a good European call & SMS forwarding service?

Hi all

What do you guys use for receiving both sms & calls on a European phone number?

I’d like to have a phone number that does not change for at least 1 or 2 years.

I did my homework & found this thread but it’s only about US services so I don’t think it’s relevant: What’s a good US call and SMS forwarding service?
Also, I looked into Google Hangout but it doesn’t support European phone numbers.

Maybe Google’s Project Fi…? https://fi.google.com/about/coverage/

I use Twilio for all my forwarding. It’s a little geeky to start with because it is more of a backend API service but basic forwarding is very easy to set up. Numbers in the UK are $1/month other European countries are $5 or so.
Hope that helps.

https://www.sipgatebasic.de // https://www.sipgate.co.uk doesn’t charge monthly fees, doesn’t change. You can connect with SIP apps or use the web interface for SMS.

I prefer Plivo over Twilio. They are quite similar, but Plivo is a bit cheaper and has a bit better coverage.

Most of my phone numbers there cost me less than a dollar per month, plus low usage rates.

Can you receive SMS with Plivo?