What’s the best mobile-data option in Poland for nomads?

Hi everyone! I will be heading to Poland in two weeks for around ten days. I will be in Poznan, Gdansk, Warschau and Krakau for travelling (the main purpose) and working (as freelancer). For working purpose, I need to be able to connect to internet for most of the time. So, could anyone give any advise which sim card and mobile data option should I get? It doesn’t have to be cheap, but it should have good coverage area and big data plan (around 3 - 5 GB). Thanks.

ranking in polish … but you get the idea:

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Hi, could you tell me, which provider has the best coverage? Thanks

i am also heading to poland in a couple weeks, maybe we’ll cross paths. I found this https://www.reddit.com/r/poland/comments/wbh2j/cześć_polacy_i_need_sim_card_with_internet_to/ but it’s old. i’m going to ask in the poland channel on the slack when the day gets closer.

coverage maps of major providers:
and the winner is:

I have just got Orange, starter with 2 GB and bonus 6 GB for around 8€.

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I spent a month in Poland this summer and it truly is an undiscovered gem. Probably my favorite country next to Italy, and I’ve been most everywhere in Europe.

Surprisingly Poland has an abundance of wi-fi everywhere. Even in the small cities and towns, pretty damn fast reliable wifi was pretty much standard everywhere.

Just got back from two months in Italy… Not quite sure what’s going on there but definitely not the same story in that country.

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