What’s the best mobile-data option in Portugal for nomads?

Hi everyone! I will be heading to Portugal next week for around one week. I will be mostly in Lisbon and Porto. For working purpose, I need to be online for most of the time. So, could anyone give any advise which sim card and mobile data option should I get? It doesn’t have to be cheap, but it should have good coverage area and big data plan (around 3 - 5 GB). Thanks.

There’s a wiki http://prepaid-data-sim-card.wikia.com/wiki/Portugal that is mentioned multiple times in this forum. It’s the best resource on which prepaid SIM card to buy that I know.

I got myself a 6GB data only SIM from MEO. Fast activation, great speed, never had issues with network coverage. Around €20 which I find pretty reasonable.

Enjoy :slight_smile:

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hey - I’m using the WTF plan from NOS which includes unlimited traffic for some applications (fb messager, skype etc.), you got a few plans to choose from - all reasonably priced. You can top-up if you reach your limit before end of the month. Works smoothly, coverage is great.

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This might sound weird, but you could check Three, one of UK’s providers. They have a program called Feel at Home that allows you to use their British plans in several other countries, like Portugal.

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I lived in Lisbon and Porto last summer (2015) and returned this summer for ten days in the Lisbon/Cascais era. This has been a regular visit area and I’ve used all three major operators. Basically, Vodafone now has built out the best network. Nos and MEO are good, but after lots of testing, especially in Porto, I found Vodafone tops.

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I normally use MEO, good speed and good coverage. I shared my experience from September here, including a speed test (it’s in spanish tough!)

If you need lots of data, they now have the “Connected Holidays” plan, with 30GB for just 15€ (with no phone number, don’t really know if you actually need a mobile router or a smartphone is suitable too)

You also have the option of Portugalinternet, which is basically a company that sends you a mobile router with a SIM Card with (in theory) unlimited internet data. Elisa from Remoters tried it and shared her experience here (also in Spanish)