What to do at Hong Kong during a 12-hour layover?

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Does anyone have suggestions about what to do at Hong Kong during a 12-hour layover? I have a flight from New Zealand to London in August and it stops at Hong Kong airport 9pm - 9am. I thought about grabbing a shower and some sleep at one of the lounges but if anyone have done this trip before, any advice or tips?

The Airport is right beside Lantau island, that’s one of the outer islands that isn’t really part of the city and has nice mountains and trekking paths. There is also a cable car which can bring you up to some huge Buddha statue on top of the mountain.

You can check that out for more info: http://www.np360.com.hk/en/

Shopping? That airport is the only one where I have even seen advertising for “Guaranteed downtown prices”. I doubt they completely live up to that, but there are lots of stores & some look good.

Go downtown? The airport is on a metro line & there is a deal on same-day return tickets. Hong Kong Disney? It is quite nearby on the metro.

The only issue is that I’m there from 9pm - 9am, so what will be open?

For myself, I would just find a cheap hotel (~$30USD) in Hong Kong somewhere (as near in as possible on the train/subway), take the train there when you get in, sleep for a few hours, then take the train back early. People are out fairly late in Hong Kong, so you might have time to even look at a few things. I go to that airport quite a bit and wouldn’t want to spend 12 hours there…

If you do this, be sure to set up your smartphone gps maps to work offline…not always possible to find a sim in the airport, and I’ve gotten lost due to this before in HKG.

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Thanks for the tip - any hotels you recommend?

The way I choose in HKG is expedia and their rating system. For $30ish US you will generally get a very small private room, perhaps without window, but clean enough and has a shower. A lot of these places I"ve stayed in are super-small (4-5 rooms) so recommendations are probably not going to be that helpful–for instance I stayed at the Homy Inn last time, which was fine but matched the description above. Also, beware that if your budget is tight, the train can add significantly to cost, depending on exactly how you go to HKG (cheaper to take the bus to Tung Chung train station, but takes longer so might not be the right choice since you are time-constrained)