What vaccinations should I get traveling from US to Indonesia?

What are the vaccinations I should get traveling from US to Indonesia? I read the CDC suggstions, but I’m curious on more anecdotal knowledge from experienced travelers to Indonesia.


If you’re thinking about heading to Bali, definitely get the rabies vaccine. The island has a rabies problem, there are a lot of aggressive stray dogs, and the island isn’t well equipped to deal with it.

Really depends on when and where you’re planning to go in Indonesia.

IMHO, the CDC and Travel Health clinic suggestions tend to be over cautious for most travelers. I think they’re written as if everyone is going to do aid work in some far off jungle village.

Routine + Hepatitis A & B + Typhoid and you’re good almost everywhere globally…

Note: the reason to get Hep B, is because if you end up in a local hospital (this is a a risk globally), plus it’s cheap and free of major side effects.

Japanese Encephalitis - Not unless you’re going somewhere rural where to JE is actively prevalent (ie. somewhere very rural…) .

Regardless of JE, take precautions against mosquitos… because there is also Dengue & Malaria…

However personally… forums are the last source I would trust on this topic… go talk to an actual doctor :wink:

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Oh… and I wouldn’t do Rabies vaccine personally, but in Bali, there is a reasonable risk of Rabies from dogs and MONKEYS…

Just be aware that the rabies vaccine isn’t preventative, it just makes treatment for a possible infection easier/less severe. That’s why it’s great if you’re somewhere rural and can’t quickly get to treatment… but if you’re in Bali where you can get to a major hospital and start treatment in an hour it’s not really needed.

Oh… and I heard something about a newer JE vaccine, but as of a year or two ago, I think it was only available in Indonesia and only being given to children… but that’s why you should talk to an actual travel medicine doctor… these things do change over time.

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I lived in Ubud for over a year and got no vaccines except Hep A and tetanus.
I got bitten by a dog there, very severe bite. It was my friend’s dog, so I knew it wasn’t rabid, however, no hospital would admit me for treatment until I got a rabies vaccine.
They run out of rabies vaccines on the island at times, but luckily they had it. I needed 3-4 in a row for possible post-exposure. I didn’t want to get it, but i had to.

I’d say Hep A & B and tetanus were essential anywhere in Asia. There is now a vaccine for Dengue fever, available in Indonesia & worth considering.